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I don't suppose it's a coincidence that this card:
Was released in a Mirrodin set
Features Goblins
Is about a Furnace
and just so happens to cost 2 to activate.

It might have SOMETHING to do with this card...
Posted By: Calver (10/28/2010 12:54:53 PM)


GO!! GO!! GO!! GO!! GO!! GO!! GO!! GO!! GO!!



Posted By: Enchantment_Removal (3/4/2011 1:51:49 PM)


Junk. Refuse. Offal.
Posted By: Totema (7/29/2013 3:26:13 PM)


Hhahahahahahahhaha... alright, level with me for a second
R/G raid bombardment deck

It's sounds stupid i know, but so funny as well
Awakening zone and brood birthing + growth spasm
not to mention nest invader are all pretty damn good utility, now the goal of this stupid endeavor?
Attack with spawn, bombardment triggers and deals 2 dmg per attacking spawn
then, sac each spawn for mana, now the celebration triggers and you just have to pay 1 for each spawn sac'd for another 2 dmg on top of that

seems pretty damn fun to me, your guys just blowing up on themselves and somehow the opponent dies

I will have fun with my $16 deck (stupid awakening zone...)
Posted By: Shell_shockkun (10/7/2010 11:01:09 PM)


I love the art on this card.
The goblins are so happy to be bathing in a shower of fire! Awesome!
Posted By: Albatross (9/27/2010 6:29:21 AM)


Someone mentioned Eldrazi earlier, but they didn't mention how this one card almost shuts down your opponents' Eldrazi also. Emrakul attacks, you have to sacrifice 6 permanents and get the option to deal Emrakul's controller 12 damage in return. Well... if you have the mana for it.

Celebrate, Gobbos, for victory will soon be yours.
Posted By: Minus_Prime (10/15/2010 7:12:25 PM)


Could work with terramorphic expanse or fetch lands
Posted By: lorendorky (9/24/2010 12:53:49 AM)


I love how your spawn tokens even give you a mana to pay for half the ping!
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (9/25/2010 8:22:39 AM)


hello red/green eldazi spawn decks, oh I sacked this worthless 0/1 token to do 2 damage to your face. fear the eldazi
Posted By: nomegus (9/23/2010 9:17:38 PM)


Use with Ashnod's Altar :)
Posted By: Phiddlesticks (9/24/2010 11:16:39 PM)