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A pretty nice way to set up any miracle you want for next turn.
Posted By: Kirbster (6/30/2012 12:39:35 AM)


For those of you with Melek, Izzet Paragon as your Commander, this is basically your trump card.

Can't decide which spell you want? Who said that you had to pick just one?
Posted By: Knightaru (5/10/2013 3:16:32 AM)


I support the banning. This thing is WAY too cheap for what it does. Blue is known for some of the most devastating spells in the game, such as Time Walk , Time Warp , Mind Over Matter , Brain Geyser , Ancestral Recall , Force of Will , and Tinker. Not to mention it makes the new miracle cards in Avacyn Restored stupid powerful.

Do we REALLY want to be playing against an opponent who can search for and have those cards in his hand anytime he wants for 1 BLUE MANA?
Posted By: MechaKraken (5/31/2012 11:05:58 PM)


Posted By: Gomorrah (12/27/2010 2:33:09 PM)


Hot for Tutor.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/6/2010 6:47:58 AM)


too bad you got banned, I'll miss your hot face all over my legacy decks.
Posted By: mkniffen (6/19/2010 10:25:32 AM)


Why hello there, Isochron Scepter!
Posted By: Totema (10/29/2011 12:47:43 PM)


Temporal Mastery. :D
Posted By: Eicha (5/21/2012 2:01:08 AM)


awesome search card.falls a little short to merchant scroll in mono-blue but thats about it.i run 2 and they've helped me get that needed spell more than a couple times.use it with brainstorm,ponder,or the top and bypass the top of library downfall.
Posted By: millcity (3/11/2010 5:59:50 PM)


It was just banned this month and combo hasn't reigned supreme so far. Just check the tournament results up to the banning. I don't know about you but I see alot of aggro decks (Merfolk and Goblins to name a couple) at the top of the list with only a smattering of combo placing high. I'm not saying Magic is getting dumbed down...I'm saying WotC just likes to cater to those that can't think more than one turn ahead. They say people like to play their creatures and have them removed rather than have them countered. I like a cerebral game where you look across the table right into you're oppenents eyes and wonder "What's next? Should I have saved that last Force Spike or are you drawing dead?" Guess that's just me though.
Posted By: Xarr (7/2/2010 4:16:54 PM)