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I always thought this came from the Visions set. I have a ton of Fallen Empire cards. Maybe I might have afew of these :)
Posted By: John-Bender (11/28/2009 3:49:18 AM)


Forget Goblin King and Goblin Wizard, this is the card that made goblin decks feared. With The Dark, goblins became the first true tribe capable of a decent theme deck. Fallen Empires introduced several new tribes and beefed up the goblins with some powerful cards such as this and Goblin War Drums.

At instant speed for one mana, this thing is a true wrecker. You were happy to draw this card in almost any circumstance. Plus, this card was just massively fun to play, blowing up some pathetic 1/1 goblin to take out your opponent's best flying creature when they finally get it on the table in turn 5... or to win the game altogether as a finisher.

Ron Spencer does it again. His goblins from this time period were the best. Angry, mean, spiked, vicious, and wild. And the art perfectly captures the effect: huge bomb with very short range!
Posted By: The_Riddle_of_Steel (2/13/2014 3:14:21 AM)


Always amazing in goblin decks.
Posted By: Altjira (1/13/2009 11:02:29 PM)


Use with Artificial Evolution. Still horrible.
I guess that's the reason why Hivestone is not that playable as well.
( I hope you're not bugging every tribal non-Sliver card with such senseless comments. )
Posted By: Mode (2/22/2009 3:31:23 PM)


the first generation of terrorists
Posted By: ttian (3/24/2009 9:28:53 PM)


Borderline broken, especially with Boggarts. Hell, Fodder Cannon was bad enough!

Thankfully, recursion on this is somewhat slim, given the nature of most Goblin decks. Still, hurts like a mother.
Posted By: Weretarrasque (2/22/2011 8:53:18 AM)


One of the very few cards out of fallen empires that are worth more than toilet paper. 4 of them in a deck and a bunch of goblins could spell trouble for the opponent.
Posted By: Dark_Monkey_316 (5/13/2010 8:19:18 PM)


This and 4 of the FE Spencer Illustrations have Ron's buddies' names in the artwork. This one has Mike in the artwork at the top side of the spear.
Posted By: Ihateworking (1/13/2012 9:21:39 PM)


Use this to turn Kiji-Jiki, Mirror Breaker into Kiki-Jiki, Baneslayer Breaker.

Too bad they didn't errata this to make it a goblin tribal card. It really should be.
Posted By: Salient (1/25/2012 4:11:34 PM)


Unplayable with Slivers. Horrible.
Posted By: SimicGuildmage (11/15/2008 12:52:38 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!