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I'm glad allies were mentioned. Bounce an Ondu Cleric to not only gain life but give a bunch of your other allies +1/1 counters.
Posted By: sarroth (2/14/2010 7:01:06 PM)


This card goes great in the Divine deck, getting more life from Angel of Mercy or saving your Akroma before Reiver Demon's ability resolves, it is a great card to have on hand.
Posted By: Eved (12/17/2009 7:25:04 AM)


Krosan Cloudscraper

Venerated Teacher

Or, best yet, give the Lord of Tresserhorn a wedgie and a swirly by tagging him with one of these. :-)

@magicrocks18: It would come back face up -- it doesn't have any "memory" of what it was like before it was exiled. Similarly it would return a flipped Goka the Unjust as a mere Initiate of Blood.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (7/19/2010 10:59:48 PM)


A solid, powerful and versatile card.
Save your creatures from wrath, or terror, get an additional enter the battlefield trigger, get increased power and unmorph your angels and dragons.
I have even needed this to stop an attacking creature, which can make the +1/+1 counter annoying, but you do what you need to do.
Compare to momentary blink, which won't save your creatures from wrath, but will get them back quicker for every other reason.
Posted By: kiseki (8/12/2011 3:33:10 PM)


It has come to my attention that this card becomes even more hilarious when you use it on a white creature with Persist to dodge its second death...(Kitchen Finks?)
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/17/2012 11:52:14 PM)


I'm Curious. If you used this on a morphed Akroma,Angel of fury would it come back into play morphed or un morphed. Can anyone tell me?
Posted By: magicrocks18 (6/16/2010 1:09:12 AM)


allies anyone?
Posted By: GooberSnotpants (2/5/2010 1:20:48 AM)


This looks like a very fun, useful and flavourful card to use.
Posted By: Stray_Dog (1/22/2011 4:51:08 AM)


This card and Momentary Blink are the key cards in one of my favorite decks ive ever built that totally over-abuses cards like Kitchen Finks, Murderous Redcap, Shriekmaw, Mulldrifter, and Tidehollow Sculler.

I used my abused Mulldrifter and the best draw card to grace "Magic" since Brainstorm, Ancestral Vision to reliably draw up sick amounts of land (and other useful cards of coarse) and cast a game finishing Profane Command. Gosh I love this deck.
Posted By: opinionfailure (6/4/2010 7:55:04 PM)


Best used to defend against removals from opponents with cards like eternal witness that have bonuses when they come into play to max the bonus for returning to play.
Posted By: Albot (10/19/2009 1:06:42 PM)


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