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I had a W/B deck that used this and Mournful Zombie. WB made them lose 4 and me gain 5.
Posted By: Andon_A (10/19/2010 10:55:33 PM)


hmmm, Orzhov Guildmage could also work with this...
Posted By: Narim (12/15/2010 2:17:44 AM)


Admiral Ackbar can't save you here, because the life gain can be from your opponent.

1 mana for a potential 4 life loss and 5 life gain in exchange for just giving your opponent 1 life is insane
Posted By: Paladin85 (10/5/2011 9:42:07 PM)


One of the best traps because it's condition is highly controllable.
Posted By: blurrymadness (6/20/2013 11:01:20 AM)


Bitches don't know about my needlebite trap.
Posted By: Flavros (6/9/2010 5:02:07 AM)


Trap cards are such a lovely thing if you know your way to ensure paying the alternate cost.
A lifedrain of 5 for only Black sounds awesome enough, doesn't it?

Use Grollub;
or splash white and play Putrid Warrior, Wall of Shards or Reward the Faithful;
or splash green and play Skyshroud Cutter, Invigorate or maybe Reverent Silence and pay their alternate cost by giving your opponent some life;
or maybe even both plus red and use Fiery Justice;
or add blue instead and activate Phelddagrif's or Questing Phelddagrif's White-ability.
Grove of the Burnwillows is also a great land for a card like this. Someday we'll likely even be able to get the entire cycle of these lands, including those for black mana.

Need removal? Use Swords to Plowshares,... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (9/26/2009 4:20:14 AM)


Very anit-White and I love the art. Reminds me of the Borg from Star Trek.
Posted By: PaladinOfSunhome (2/18/2010 1:36:14 PM)


Worth a sideboard slot at least for any deck running black.
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (9/29/2009 12:08:27 PM)


For that matter, Mode, factor in the number of Zendikar lands which give life boosts, and you've got one very sweet card. Now if only I had drawn this more often...

Additional Comment: These days, any deck that at least splashes black should have a few of these sideboarded, as A LOT of vampires have lifelink/a sorcery which does something and heals them, so this is the natural counter for it.
Posted By: sir_dwar (10/3/2009 7:14:54 AM)


sideboard for the mirror-match in Mono-Black Vampires. If they aren't playing Vampire Nighthawk, they aren't a threat in the first place. If they are, you're ready.

I think this is the only trap that can be played for the trap cost in response to itself, too xD
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/15/2011 2:41:29 PM)