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Just so people who didn't play back then can understand about this card...

This card was in every deck in Standard. You played Port to tap the opponent's Port, if nothing else. Control decks used it, Fires deck used it, Rebel decks used it.

It really punished multicolored decks, because during the opponent's upkeep you can tap a land they control - if that land is their only source of a color, your uncounterable land just screwed them over, big time. And if you had two (or more) Ports...

It was a very overpowered card, and not fun to play against at all.
Posted By: da-odd-templar (4/20/2010 9:30:04 PM)


There were four of it in every tourney deck of the time. Aggro, control, combo, you name it.

Something tells me it's worth playing.
Posted By: Kirbster (7/3/2010 10:21:23 PM)


@achilleselbow: The key is "lock down one of your opponent's lands". Think about it: if you use this during your oponents upkeep, it hurts them, but unless you're playing a deck with lots of instants, it doesn't hurt you. And it carries on: on your next turn, you get to untap everything, but that land on their side is still tapped. Rinse, lather and repeat to make for an annoying game. And as da-odd-templar said, in a time of Multicolour decks (from Invason/Masques standard era, at least), tapping down your opponents one Forest in a three-colour deck can devistate that turn, and having a Port yourself can mean the difference between a decisive win and being crippled by his.
Posted By: djbon2112 (5/24/2010 1:22:35 PM)


The only land more annoying than Rishadan port is Maze of Ith. And Rishadan port shuts down Maze of Ith. For that, I am thankful.
Posted By: beerious (6/20/2011 11:51:47 PM)


To people saying its not worth tapping two of your lands to tap one of the opponent's lands, consider that Port also taps for a colorless, so its all up to you whether using your port is really interrupting your tempo or not.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/7/2011 5:32:42 PM)


Not bad... not bad at all, especially early game.
But I still prefer the power of a good ol' Icy Manipulator once things really get going.

Keep in mind I'm talking about EDH/casual here,
not a deck made to deny the opponent mana, where this truly shines.

Posted By: drpvfx (3/28/2012 4:18:34 PM)


Here's a flow chart for how to use this:
-Are you ahead?
-> Yes -> Tap their land on their upkeep
-> No -> Why not?
Posted By: blurrymadness (9/4/2013 3:08:45 PM)


From Mark Rosewaters Blogatog, September 08, 2013:

agahin asked: is Rishadan Port too strong to be reprinted?

Let me start by reminding you that I am not a developer and thus power level is not my area of expertise.

That said, yes.

Posted By: JovianHomarid (9/11/2013 3:22:11 AM)


This is the land of lands. I ran 4 of these in EVERY deck I built. It annoys my opponents just as if it were Strip Mines.
Posted By: Leonopteryx (4/30/2010 12:07:17 PM)


"Good card" is one hell of an understatement...
Posted By: True_Mumin (9/21/2009 4:08:26 AM)


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