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@Sironos: because that was back in the old days of Magic. Back then 5/7 creatures were almost unheard of. Not like now, when even common green creatures have more than that. Still, I have to agree with the weird mechanic of tapping him for a stellar 1 mana when you could be attacking for 5 damage.

How is a human advisor so tough anyways?
Posted By: Arachnos (8/9/2012 11:33:09 PM)


What IS this?! Oddly, for the time, a 5/7 black and blue creature for 7 with no drawbacks was not bad. But that nutty ability is just so out there... Because you really intend to summon this guy to tap for 1 black? The art and flavor text are fun at least!
Posted By: Radagast (10/1/2012 4:02:03 PM)


Even at the time, when creatures were different, the bizarre tap for one black mana ability on a seven-casting-cost 5/7 creature made no sense. You gotta wonder what they were thinking when they designed him.
Posted By: Aquillion (2/3/2013 1:59:11 PM)


When your up all night on a vodka binge and work as a card designer you birth this peice
Posted By: storm_crow4presidnt (4/22/2010 9:57:59 AM)


This card makes no sense, why does a 7 mana tap to produce 1 mana?
Why would something like that be deemed legendary?
What does burning paper have to do with producing black mana?
Why does a legendary creature look like a peasent who just awoke?
and finally:
WTF does that flavour text about legitimate political violence have to do with anything?
Posted By: Sironos (5/10/2010 4:25:41 PM)


The ability is hilarious for a 7 mana creature...
Posted By: Shiduba (10/13/2009 9:48:48 PM)


Wow... and they really had to make this guy Legendary?
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (11/22/2009 5:32:51 PM)


Everything about this card is absurd.
Posted By: Talcos (7/21/2010 6:10:54 AM)


Yeah, I really need an extra black mana when I can afford to play a freaking 7 cost. Seriously, what were they thinking?
Posted By: Sooku (9/26/2009 4:49:19 PM)


Epic fail card.
Posted By: McDobo (3/4/2010 6:18:36 PM)