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This is a nice card, makes your opponent think about every action he makes, and as mentioned kills several relevant flyers in today's metagame...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/8/2010 3:43:03 PM)


THIS I like; it's fairly cost-heavy and really doesn't have much evasion, but it's what white is about. Lightning grieves for all noobs who can't think past doomblade, and it's rather interesting to think around. I'd like to see it in enchantment form.
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (7/22/2010 9:53:31 PM)


Expensive, but a major lockdown. Not only that, but it can kill Jwar Jwar Sphinx and BS Angel.
Posted By: dudecow (7/8/2010 12:44:13 PM)


very cool concept but it isn't the game ender I thought it would be. The p/t on a flier is nice though. Nice in an EDH deck
Posted By: tantallum99 (4/21/2011 12:10:38 AM)


This Angel is the quintessence of awesome. Great static ability and pretty resourceful. A good finisher, overall control card, or both. You can never go wrong with one of these in an angel deck.
Posted By: Cleansingfire (1/12/2011 8:21:15 PM)


Generally, abilities that are worded like or similar to this mean that the effect lasts as long as the creature is on the field.
So as long as Angelic Arbiter is on the field, your opponents have to choose between casting spells or attacking every turn.
Posted By: Diachronos (9/2/2010 6:00:12 PM)


Only problem is that it's a bit expensive to cast. That's the only problem, of course. It has great P/T and greater abilities.

Makes me wish I got the Blades of Victory intro pack.
Posted By: Axelle (4/27/2011 8:42:39 PM)


play it with goblin chieftain...
Posted By: Yoktes (4/20/2011 3:59:38 PM)


Melesse Spirit
Aren't the arts uncannily similar?
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/2/2010 10:29:03 PM)


hey guys, im not a noob but im not a pro either maybe you could explain to me how this works in lamence terms. I keep reading it over and over and I can't figure out how this card plays out. I mean so it' my turn i play this card...it's still my turn so how can any opponent play any spells or attack THIS turn? So the spell card resolves I do my thing my turns over. Now the window for this cards effects is over. It's just not making any sense in my head. I mean it OBVIOUSLY works its a legit card but I just can't figure it out. I play other guys who arn't 100% on rules either and they would say "that card's effect only works for THIS turn which is over and since it was your turn we didn't attack or cast spells...so now it's just a 5/5 flyer" that can't be correct but that's what it sounds like to me. Any insight would be awesome thanks for the help.
Posted By: MoeMar (12/2/2010 9:24:45 AM)