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@achilleselbow - That's probably because there was only one white way to grant plainswalking: the oh-so-useful Aysen Highway. There have also been more landwalkers of their own color than white...a whole two white critters have plainswalk.
Posted By: Alsebra (6/14/2011 1:05:07 AM)


its a nod to Shanodin Dryads which were an old green common , forest walk has always been green
Posted By: Mindbend (9/28/2010 5:57:20 AM)


Ha! It's the ranger from Borderland Ranger! And here I was feeling bad for Cudgel Troll that his art buddy didn't make it into m11! Sweet. With a few extra pixels, this might even be able to connect to that old panorama they highlighted in Arcana 236.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (7/9/2010 11:50:59 AM)


"The elves approach! I will strike fast and true."
--Dryad's Favor
Posted By: angelheartvial (2/21/2011 9:32:54 PM)


Is there something I am missing, this is a green enchantment, costing one mana to play, that grants Forest-Walk! Why is this rated so lowly, enchant this on something like Nacatl War-Pride and you've just witnessed the end of all games.
Posted By: Just1Micky (4/7/2011 9:34:31 AM)


I dont think its that bad of a card, perhaps not playable in any serious game, but not useless when playing for fun
Posted By: Sir_Kaeru (7/9/2010 9:46:03 PM)


Might be a sideboard card for limited. Aside from that it will make a nice "Ooze" token.

Honestly, they could have tacked on reach or +1/+1 without making this even remotely close to overpowered.
Posted By: Temple_Garden (7/10/2010 2:02:14 PM)


With 2 cards for this guy already, are we looking at the next green planeswalker?
Posted By: lorendorky (7/27/2010 9:33:06 PM)


Don't forget Leshrac's Rite for black/swampwalk. So now white is the only one without a card in this cycle.
Posted By: achilleselbow (7/14/2010 3:04:40 PM)


Could have made it more powerful, but as it stands, two green mana for unblockable isn't bad (stick this with Lush Growth, if they don't play forests)
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (7/22/2010 10:11:05 PM)


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