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strictly worse than Regrowth, making it good w/o being OP
Posted By: Guntz1092 (7/19/2010 2:23:24 AM)


Fun with Leyline of Anticipation. I enjoy retrieving and playing a Deadly Recluse whilst being attacked by a fattie, or any currently dead one-drop creature when Vigor is on the field. Not insta-win, but a fun and tricky trick.
Posted By: Discoduck (9/25/2010 8:30:50 PM)


This card, while incredibly simple, has actually become more powerful. Note the brings back planeswalkers.. thats a really big deal.. oh you kill my jace? Ok I nature's spiral it out of my graveyard and play it again for 6 mana total. It also works on umbras, quag sickness, mind control enchantments, khalni expedition, and two new green favorites gaea's revenge, and mitotic slime. Even pelakka wurm is great with this card, replaying it twice for a total of 14 life, and 2 cards.

I don't know if it will make a come back in standard but it's surprisingly underrated. Think of the card as reading "draw any permanent from your graveyard and put it into your hand." It's like a two mana tutor.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (7/18/2010 11:10:21 PM)


Way under-rated. very useful, especially if you rely on a certain permanent. *****
Posted By: DooDooBrown (8/26/2010 2:07:41 PM)


I've always liked this card. It does what I need it to, like returning my Garruk Wildspeaker that i used to get three 3/3 tokens in play and then playing it again to quickly give them all +3/+3 and trample :).
Posted By: opinionfailure (9/6/2010 9:21:57 PM)


I propose we rename this Fibonacci's Regrowth
Posted By: lorendorky (6/17/2011 10:33:14 AM)


Unfortunately, in my deck, Recollect works better, because sometimes I need to be able to recycle my Tower Aboves or Overwhelming Stampedes. I'm willing to pay one more mana to get nonpermanents. My question is whether or not Recollect is even in Green's section of the color pie anymore. Things like Surreal Memoir are getting more common, and I'm thinking that bringing back nonpermanents might be more red than green. Thoughts?
Posted By: Zulp (9/1/2010 1:14:24 PM)


Amazing art. Ms. Nielsen is one of my favorite artists.
Posted By: Polychromatic (3/13/2011 10:50:02 PM)


It's really too bad this didn't get snuck into M12 for awesome hijinks with the graveyard interactions of Innistrad.
Posted By: Salient (12/16/2011 12:50:36 PM)


Since Regrowth is out of the question, and Eternal Witness is just silly good, this is actually a pretty darn good replacement. 3.5-4
Posted By: nunyaJs (2/3/2012 8:43:20 PM)