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Posted By: Russian.Thunder (11/24/2011 11:30:26 PM)


A cool shapeshifter. I think blue copy cards are a blast.
Posted By: Chrome_Coyote (9/24/2010 3:24:36 PM)


Phytohydra or Sprouting Phytohydra to scare your opponent from blocking them. You could also copy your opponent's overpowered creatures. Or maybe copy any of those Graft creatures for additionnal power!
Posted By: Daikoru (10/1/2010 1:30:24 PM)


Decent follow up to: Phyrexian Ingester
Posted By: SweatyMess (9/6/2011 8:59:09 PM)


I'd just copy Blighted Agent and leave it at that.
Posted By: Valencio (11/18/2011 11:41:53 AM)


why has noone thought of a tribal deck with this card in it?

Lord of the Unreal + Jace's Phantasm + Mill Cards + THIS GUY. copy Jace's Phantasm and go nuts with a 12/12 Hexproof flying Illusion
Posted By: FaceClaimer (1/12/2013 11:02:39 PM)


Aaron’s Random Card Comment of the Day #76, 4/18/11

I love this card. It’s unique, it’s fun, and it combines niftily with quite a few cards in the Scars of Mirrodin set, from Plague Stinger to Spikeshot Elder to Myr Propagator.

There is a bunch of design space yet to mine with regards to Clones that copy some or most of something in play but not all. (Yesterday’s Arcana shows a card from New Phyrexia--Phyrexian Metamorph--that also kind of does this.)

There were problems getting this guy printed involving the rules. The question I kept asking was, “What happens when I copy the card Tarmogoyf with this thing?” ’Goyf has a “*/*+1” power and toughness, with the stars defined in its textbox. So when you copy it with the Gargantuan, the *’s becomes 7s, but the creature would still have the line of rules text “Tarmogoyf/autocar... (see all)
Posted By: Aaron_Forsythe (4/18/2011 11:13:32 PM)


My guesses on rules questions (and I could be wrong, so confirmation from other players would be appreciated):

Quicksilver Gargantuan is copying all characteristics of another card, but it does not copy power or toughness.
If you brought him in as a copy of Gideon Jura, I believe you would have a new Gideon, which would cause them both to be sent to the graveyard (Planeswalker uniqueness rule). If you were to somehow activate the copied GIdeon's +0 ability, he'd become a 6/6 as normal.

Levelers are a bit more tricky. Their P/T is determined by a static ability. Let's look at Knight of Cliffhaven.
At first, you would have a 7/7 Kor Knight with level up 3 and the following static abilities:
“As long as Knight of Cliffhaven has at least 1 level counter on it, but no more than 3 level counters on it, it’s 2/3 and has flying.”
“As long as Knight of Cliffhaven has 4 or more level counters on it, it’s 4/4 and has flying and vigilance.”
Onc... (see all)
Posted By: Bowshewicz (11/9/2010 2:44:40 PM)


I'm just saying that I'd like MY Vampire Nighthawk to be 7/7.
Posted By: infernox10 (9/24/2010 3:45:14 PM)


-Mana cost
-Power (text box)
-Toughness (text box)
-Lines in text box

Oh look seven 7's. :3
Posted By: Thaxan_Number_14 (1/28/2011 12:01:41 AM)


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