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What? Hymn ME? But this is Soviet Russia, my friend
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/11/2010 9:59:42 AM)


I love this art. And you can change ALL the targets on a Fireball which gets pretty brutal.
Posted By: magog360 (7/10/2010 5:35:18 PM)


Aww, isn't that cute? Apparently, red was starting to run rampant with those "Can't be countered/prevented" cards. Never mind that most of them had high enough mana costs that any self respecting blue mage would cry if their game lasted that long. Sorry, Banefire, but you can no longer, at worst, draw the game because of a Twincast. You're worthless vs mono blue now, not just grixis. Sorry. At least swerve required two colors to worry about, now any game ender (especially those that were meant to counter blue in the first place) can be thrown back at them with one color.
Posted By: Zachrin (8/5/2010 12:48:42 PM)


5 stars for flavor text and art and that i can now blightning YOU.
Posted By: benegade (7/29/2010 7:36:50 AM)


The art is awesome.
Posted By: Saxophonist (8/7/2010 10:33:06 PM)


I will Redirect your Redirect so that my spell go through.
Posted By: Hoonster (3/5/2011 10:42:33 AM)


I like this card. I remember when Deflection was first printed, and I thought it was the greatest idea for a spell, ever. Yet even in my relative inexperince back then, it was obvious that four mana was much too much. The great idea was nerfed from the start. Meddle and Rebound were nice attempts at fixing things, but were ultimately too narrow. It wasn't until Misdirection that we got a quality version of the spell. Misdirection did it right, by (obviously) taking inspiration from Force of Will. When they revisted the concept of a good Deflection that didn't have an alternate cost, they got it correct when they simply placed it with the same casting cost as Counterspell and Mana Drain. They made decent Deflection-variants of FoW and Mana Drain when they stopped acting as if redirecting a spell was outright superior to countering it, and jus... (see all)
Posted By: scumbling1 (3/10/2011 9:51:24 AM)


you can redirect auras, not global enchantments
Posted By: Frozenwings (4/17/2011 12:22:49 PM)


i reverberate your redirect
Posted By: BlackAlbino (6/22/2011 4:09:47 PM)



You can't redirect a counterspell onto itself, but you can however redirect the counterspell onto the redirect to indirectly counter the counterspell.

"If you cast Redirect targeting a spell that targets a spell on the stack (like Cancel does, for example), you can't change that spell's target to itself. You can, however, change that spell's target to Redirect. If you do, that spell will be countered when it tries to resolve because Redirect will have left the stack by then."
Posted By: Latronis (7/15/2011 9:09:09 PM)


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