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When you run one enchantment, you run a lot of them so you can avoid them Naturalize/Disenchanting everything you have. It's a great distraction from your late game fatchantments and if they decide it's not worth taking care of, it's a great way to set your opponent back 3 turns on their BSA when they drop it, wait a turn, attack and have it bounced while they have no mana left. And you get to do it all with the mana you had turn 1 that you couldn't use for anything else anyway. 4.5/5 for great cost and utility. Seal of Unsummon is awesome.
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (5/31/2010 4:47:42 AM)


It hurts to wait for a reprint of this card. I would argue that this is the best of the seals; after the first turn, it's a free unsummon. As Kryptnyt said, it affects the choices your opponent makes since they can see it on the field.

If they try to destroy it, you can just sac it in response and bounce their creature. If they don't have any creatures to bounce, then they just wasted removal on a 1 CMC enchantment. Either way, it's a loss for your opponent. This card, save for one turn, has no affect on your mana whatsoever. Much better than the spellbomb.
Posted By: Blackworm_Bloodworm (10/30/2010 6:11:31 AM)


All the Seals are Purloined Letters - the threat of their use is as potent as their actual use. What's nice about this one is you don't need to keep one mana open to use it like Unsummon, freeing up mana for counterspells without losing too much tempo, as long as you don't mind missing your 1-drop. Equally useful in the late game, and can just kill tokens. A very versatile card and much better than it looks. Play with a new in your blue deck, and you will see how much it makes your opponent play around it.

(PS: Bonus points for everyone who got the Poe reference.)
Posted By: Equinox523 (6/16/2011 11:42:16 AM)


I think this is better then unsummon. Can drop it T1 and forget about it, while your opponent has to calculate that into the equation for everything. Can pop it off anytime. Imagine if you play a sea gate oracle T3, now you have a boss combat trick to block and recast for atv.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (3/5/2013 1:41:59 AM)


People better recognize, Seal of Removal is sweet. Useful, common, one-drop enchantments are always welcome on my coffeetable.
Posted By: ArtBell (2/11/2010 10:08:49 AM)


I agree with Majinara wholeheartedly here. This is situationally better than Unsummon simply because the opponent knows its coming, and will make your opponent play how you want them to play.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/10/2010 7:52:20 PM)


To th guy mentioning aether spellbomb... the big difference is, this card doesn't require mana to activate. Here you can play this card, and then tap out and use all your mana the most efficiently as possible. With the spellbomb, you have decide each turn "should I tap out and play that card I have on my hand? but then I can't use the spellbomb... or should I wait another turn so I have more mana..."

In general I like those seals a lot. Sure, they ain't as surprising as the instant version of the spells, but they have a greater impact on the playstyle of your opponents, especially in multiplayer. If people see you could bounce their enchanted / equipped creature any moment, they'll rather attack someone else but you. And if they see you can bounce your creature any time, they'll use their removal rather on someone elses creatures.
Posted By: majinara (10/17/2009 7:22:37 AM)


This is an ENCHANTMENT. It works different from spellbomb and that's one of the reasons. Cheap remove that could net you cards in Enchantress deck is actually pretty good!
Posted By: Cyberium (5/19/2010 5:32:31 PM)


I personally like the seals for the fact that they do force your opponent to change the way they play... And this can have a huge effect on the outcome of a match.
Posted By: scarecrowk (11/15/2011 11:49:07 PM)


SOOO good for a one-drop in what it does I'll go so far as to rate it a five. Just for giggles I decided to take Vedalken Mastermind (the usual centerpiece of my deck) out and replaced it with four of this because it was "faster". This was in a 3-game matchup between my deck and a deck my friend made called "out of control", specifically to defeat mine, filled with cards like Volcanic Fallout, Guttural Response, that pro blue/black stag thing, manlands, etc.
I lost the match 1 game to 2, but I credit this card with the only win I did get.
Posted By: Fictionarious (6/17/2011 6:02:54 AM)