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Phyrexia: I put Corrupted Conscience on your Karn, Silver Golem
Mirrodin: I respond with Brand for great justice/irony
Posted By: Lyoncet (2/2/2011 5:09:06 PM)


Played a game last night where my opponent mana ramped, then tapped out to play a Kozilek. Next turn, I promptly stole it with Corrupted Conscience, at which point he conceded. Played another game where my opponent had a 14/15 Vampire Nighthawk (thank to Blade of the Bloodchief), which I brought over to the dark(er) side on the next turn. This card steals games that would otherwise be hopeless for an infect deck.

BTW, Emrakul cannot be stolen with this card because it has protection from all colored spells.
Posted By: hansede (2/25/2011 7:08:56 AM)


Poor Karn. He's probably better off dead at this point. Such a tortured soul, he was once the most upstanding member of the magic universe, but now what? Is he going to be forced down a route of relentless destruction as Yawgmoth's successor? Or will Venser manage to find him and use his +2 ability on him?
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/31/2011 10:09:12 PM)


Strictly more evil than mind control :)
Posted By: divine_exodus (2/5/2011 9:53:13 AM)


So for 5 CMC, my opponent loses their best creature, I get it, and it gets infect. That's ridiculous, the creature you get alone would probably cost more than that if it had infect and by the time you can play this, there's bound to be a decent target on the board. Suddenly, I want to start splashing more blue into my infect deck. I can't wait to throw this on someone's Baneslayer Angel.
Posted By: lordof1000mimes (1/27/2011 3:12:22 PM)


"Hey Karn!.. Oh wow... Ummm... You look... Great?"
"Well, balls."

In all seriously, this is stupidly evil. Lets take Mind Control and staple a really powerful ability to the creature controlled by it. :D

Also, I reckon that this would wreck with Inferno Titan. Since the Titan is doing the damage... You can see where this is going.
Posted By: WateryMind (3/26/2011 8:03:44 PM)


mind control has just left the building...
Posted By: sly92 (2/16/2011 7:16:41 PM)


yea i think this card is good and everyth- AOh My Gaah-- ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL
Posted By: raadface (2/20/2011 1:28:01 AM)


Blue doesn't have Infect? Blue doesn't NEED infect.

Ichorclaw Myr, Blinkmoth Nexus, and Proliferate. Then this, as a potential lulzy finisher.
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (1/28/2011 7:52:53 AM)


So. . . Wanna slap this onto Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre so you can have a fat indestructible guy with Infect and Annihilator?
Posted By: DacenOctavio (2/13/2011 1:24:22 AM)


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