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Posted By: Deepfried-Owls (4/28/2011 10:56:07 PM)


Phyrexian metamorph become blighted agent.
Tezzeret make him a 5/5 please. G g
Posted By: bigdeezy88 (5/6/2011 5:49:11 PM)


People like to say that infect "basically" just doubles the creatures power, as in "This is basically a 2/1 for 2," but this card, or more to the point, the Infect Combo decks built around this card, really illustrate how much of an understatement that is. Infect doubles a creature's power, doubles the effect of any power bonuses they receive and makes the damage they deal to creatures and players permanent.
Posted By: UsagiYojimbo (9/4/2011 12:22:10 PM)


Giant Growth and such.. quick game...
Posted By: Kryplixx (4/29/2011 2:57:22 PM)


All sorts of broken and all sorts of awesome. Blue Infect is getting huge boosts from this set.
Posted By: EvilCartographer (5/3/2011 8:20:35 AM)


For one of the few blue-infectors, I wouldn't expect anything else. Its basically an Unblockable 2/1 for 2, so just the infect version of Phantom Warrior. The thing I like is despite its first impression, its not too unbalanced, until you put it in a U/G Infect deck, which then makes this card a possible T3 win:
T1: Forest
T2: Island, Blighted Agent
T3: Forest, Attack -> Groundswellx2 + Mutagenic Growth, GG

It won't come up too often, but this, and 2-3 pump spells in hand T1 puts good odds on you at least doing some significant damage.
Posted By: Maxcoh (5/4/2011 3:09:15 PM)


Let's be honest:
There's a reason why almost all infect decks run Plague Stinger.
This guy's another 2-drop in infect,
And I think it might be the best (2-drop) in the current environment.
Posted By: infernox10 (5/7/2011 11:54:03 PM)


blue is the proliferate color. i can see some pretty good infect control deck being made, with these guys there to sneak in a point of damage to proliferate with.
Posted By: PhyrexianFailure (4/28/2011 3:27:29 PM)


Wow, poison is the bomb! Now I have a good reason to make a blue, black, and green deck again!
Posted By: Macsen (5/8/2011 12:40:31 PM)


XD I put four of these in my infect deck and loaded myself with a nice little weapon called Batterskull
Posted By: HappyBelge (8/6/2011 11:51:35 AM)


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