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i wish i started playin magic just one set earlier so id hopefully have owned one of these. while i never owned one of these i did at least have the pleasure of playing with one through the micropose game. i dont see how people can get confused by this card. its not rocket science. but yea i will admit that it is a lot of words on one card. but hey at least it aint noBureaucracy. if you dont understand this card then maybe it just aint for you. RR kind of reminds me of Crawlspace. except that it kind of works opposite. RR effects your attack phase while crawlspace effects your opponents. with RR your creatures are not going to have to worry about as many blockers and with crawlspace you dont have to worry about as many attackers. to be honest i gave RR a 5. alright maybe it aint the best card but theres something that i really like about it. maybe its just my guilty pleasure.
Posted By: LeMaK (12/3/2009 1:45:41 AM)


quite possibly one of the most confusing cards printed early on. thank goodness for eratta!
Posted By: ultratog1028 (4/21/2009 9:38:29 AM)


I really liked this card back in the day (i.e. 1995) with my mono red Alpha and Beta deck. It wasn't game breaking at all, but it definitely allowed some successful attacks that otherwise wouldn't have been.
Posted By: professornutbutter (9/23/2009 2:59:52 AM)


that is sooo cool. i wish they still made cards that unique and with an ability so representative of its flavour.
Posted By: i_love_alara_of_bant (10/22/2009 7:04:45 AM)


One of the many headaches for rules gurus from Alpha, It represents a very interesting and flavorful card...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/1/2009 6:10:25 PM)


i kinda like the flavor
Posted By: sportgenius (8/6/2009 11:45:23 PM)


How is that confusing? It isn't all that useful, but it's interesting.
Posted By: Elysiume (6/4/2009 6:51:58 PM)


I got lost at the end :(
Posted By: John-Bender (7/4/2009 9:38:37 PM)


This card would be better if the rules text said, "Look. There's a river. Dudesweats can't cross the river unless they fly. Your dudesweats on one side of the river can't block my dudesweats on the other side of the river. You should put dudesweats on both sides of the river if you even want a chance to block. Noob."
Posted By: granpappybelcher (12/4/2009 8:30:12 AM)


I don't understand how some people find it confusing: the oracle text is quite clear!
A funny card, actually! It was done something similar in Stand or Fall, but I think it's not as funny as this. I would like to see a card like this printed, one day...

5/5 for dripping flavour from everywhere...
Posted By: leomistico (10/28/2011 5:54:56 AM)


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