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... You don't use it instead, you use it with Liquimetal Coating

If you are using LIquidmetal and don't have Shimmer Myr in play, they know exactly what you can do. This gives you an element of surprise.

Oh, so you want to try to Doom Blade my Indomitable Archangel when I have 2 artifacts out, huh? Well, Argent Mutation, it fizzles!

Also, it draws a card. In the situation I gave, thats good card advantage right there.
Posted By: Maxcoh (5/5/2011 7:35:35 PM)


I enjoy how much of a boss Karn is. He just casually reached out and owned that beast.
Posted By: Polychromatic (5/8/2011 3:48:17 PM)


Well now if this would cost Blue only it would be interesting.

But like this it's a cantrip version of a 1CC spell that turns a permanent into an artifact ueot, and who would use this?
Posted By: Mode (7/14/2011 5:23:03 AM)


The flavor text is awesome. Karn is so cool.
Posted By: NeoKoda (8/2/2011 6:13:07 PM)


The squished-up art does not do justice to this card's flavour.

Karn is basically turning some random Phyrexian into a shiny statue, which works well with the flavour, since he realizes he can't heal his world, he can only hinder Phyrexia's progress.

The card itself could work well if it is combined with some artifact destruction, and even many cards in Standard which interact with artifacts, or to quickly get a particular Metalcraft engine going, while keeping card advantage.

Certainly not the best for any one of its abilities, but it gets the job done where it is needed.
Posted By: Sericule (2/11/2012 3:00:18 PM)


How does being an artifact protect you from infection again...?
Posted By: Ninjakraken (4/30/2011 3:31:54 PM)


Shame on you R&D. Random dice roll for mana cost. Even for cmc 1 it wouldn't be broken. Compare with Cerulean Wisps. Transfer untap+blue into artifact+permanent.
Posted By: Cheza (6/2/2011 5:49:38 AM)


Why would you use this when you have Liquimetal Coating?
Posted By: Flyheight (4/28/2011 3:49:32 PM)


*Cries at flavor text*
I am consimplating weather or not I want to play magic anymore because of what they have done to Mirrodin TT-TT why did they have to do a stupid move like destroying one of the most popular Plane?!
Posted By: TrueBloodWolf (7/7/2011 8:11:18 AM)


Agree with everyone. Costs too much and is too much of a niche card. Pretty much useless unless you have a blue artifact hate deck. I've never really seen an artifact hate deck, much less a blue one.

@TrueBloodWolf: Phyrexia hasn't destroyed Mirrodin, it has merely reshaped it according to its viewpoint of a perfect world.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (1/20/2012 5:26:05 PM)