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Swing too early and then surprise Tanglesap. You're opponent will block thinking you just screwed up (you might have to play it up a bit, "Oh! DAMN! I didn't see those blockers!") and will be left with somewhere between zero to few small blockers.

That said, I don't like this card as much as overrun for the same reason I don't like non-infect creatures in an infect deck or aggressive creature in a mill deck. You are dividing your focus to different win conditions. And like others have said, you run this outside infect otherwise, it would be redundant.

The whole time until you play it, you are working at the 20 life total. Say you get them to 7 life. Your creatures can't get through the 7 damage without trample so you play this with the hope of getting 10 poison on them. They flash a blocker or kill an attacker... now they have 9 poison counters and 7 life. How did that help you?
Posted By: OmegaSerris (8/24/2011 9:55:36 PM)


While being a decent card, this is obviously based towards green non-infect decks. It wouldnt be worth putting a card that gives infect into a deck that already has it, and green has more powerful spells to give +X/+X and trample. This would be something you sneak into a deck that doesnt run infect, and when you get enough creatures, or something powerful enough, you throw this down to win the game from poison counters. Definitely not strictly better than Overrun, but still a decent card in its own. I was thinking about putting it in my lifegain deck and just using it when I got my Ajani's Pridemate up to like 40 counters. Use this and swing, unless they have a lot of high blockers, thats a lot of poison coming their way, and If i get Prized Unicorn on the field and can attack with both, that's 41 poison counter's they have to eat.
Posted By: DamyntheSilver (7/4/2011 12:22:41 PM)


Now your Zerg-rushes can have 100% more Zerg!
Posted By: DeathDark (5/10/2011 3:23:15 PM)


I've been waiting for you
Posted By: Leonidus78 (4/28/2011 8:49:29 PM)


I would put this on par with Overrun.
Posted By: Names_Suck (4/28/2011 3:48:50 PM)


Suddenly my Squirrel army is poisonous!
Posted By: Atali (4/29/2011 8:49:55 PM)


It's overrun for people who like ***ing their opponents off.
Posted By: InternetNinjacy (4/28/2011 4:21:07 PM)


Take that Alliance!
Posted By: EverJohnny (5/22/2011 10:35:09 AM)


EDIT: Actually, I think this might possibly maybe actually be better than Overrun. Before you give this comment 0.5/5, I have something to show you guys.

I made a graph (thank you graphing calculators!) of this data. I made the number of creatures you control X and the power of each creature Y. Assuming many things (which I won't list), this is what would happen.

If you control 1 creature, you need it to have a power of 17 if you play Overrun or 9 if you play this card to swing for lethal that turn.
If you control 2 creatures, you need them each to have a power of 7 if you play Overrun or 4 if you play this card to swing for lethal that turn.
For 3 creatures, they each need a power of 4 for Overrun or 3 for this.
For 4 creatures, they each need a power of 2 for Overrun and this.
For 5 creatures, they each need a power 1 for Overrun and this.

Because a lesser power is required to win with this in general compared to Overrun, I'll say this is better. Also, this c... (see all)
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (3/31/2012 7:05:07 PM)


I am not looking forward to seeing green decks with four open mana. At least it's not {P}.

Edit: Lure deck. Duh. I dunno, can I build up five tokens?
Posted By: blindthrall (5/20/2011 3:07:22 AM)