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I've never seen Imagine Dragons perform, but I imagine it's a lot like this.
Posted By: XepherXero (7/20/2013 10:03:03 PM)


I was kicking ass with Illusions in limited. Then I ran into a deck sporting Chandra, the Firebrand.
Posted By: eskan (7/16/2011 2:08:57 PM)


Illusions really hit hard with the help of Lord of The Unreal. I think I can build a budget-friendly deck with Illusions. And i think it has fair fighting chances.
Posted By: KrosanPeacekeeper (8/17/2011 9:22:47 AM)


The question is, should this be rated in the context of Lord of the Unreal or not? With it, 4/5, as a 6/6 hexproof flyer would cost at least two more mana but requires another fairly frail creature to stick around. Without its Lord, 3/5. There are ways of targeting that won't even cost the opponent a card.
Posted By: oienarst (11/7/2011 8:20:28 PM)


5/5 flyer for 4. I do not care at all about the drawback.
Posted By: alucard311 (7/7/2011 6:21:30 PM)


I don't understand why this card isn't rated higher, especially with the Lord of the Unreal released in this core set. Think about it, and I hope I can change some of your minds:
This is a 5/5 Flyer for 4 CMC
The drawback is what most people are worried about, but with Lord of the Unreal on the field, that eliminates it and also gives it a 1/1 boost, making it a 6/6 Flyer.
Also, with something like that, you won't even think that it needs an enchantment or instant boost for attack, toughness, or abilities, so you don't have to worry about targeting it yourself.
Besides, even without it having Hexproof, you don't have to worry about "Oh! I know! I'll give your Phantasmal Dragon +3/+3 with Giant Growth" from your opponent very much, since he/she will most likely be targeting a 5/5 Flyer with removal, like Doom Blade or GTFO (player-made 'acronym' for Go For The Throat, tho it doesn't match).

I hope this at least knocks ratings up to a 4.
Posted By: Kura-san (9/3/2011 4:17:26 AM)


since anything that targets it is most likely removal anyway, it gets a 1-1 ration of cards. If the opponent doesn't happen to have something though... heh heh heh. Brutal.
Posted By: jsttu (7/7/2011 10:28:23 PM)


One of the cool things about creatures like these is that they can almost never be stolen.
Act of Treason? More like generic targeting spell...
Posted By: Tapir (8/24/2011 5:23:55 PM)


This is my prime beater in my tribal illusion deck. Last time I checked, Lord of the Unreal, Phantasmal Bear, Phantasmal Image, and this were all printed in the same set...
Posted By: PcvsApple (9/5/2011 3:49:51 PM)


Freaking awesome.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (7/7/2011 4:49:08 PM)


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