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You could feasibly resurrect him indefinitely! I like him. 5/5
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/16/2011 6:00:42 AM)


I found a cool combo with aetherplasm, alluring siren, and this guy. Basically I get a 6/6 flying demon every turn for 4 turns.
Posted By: DlCK (7/17/2011 5:14:10 PM)


Flickerform for the win !!!
Posted By: __Silence__ (7/21/2011 10:25:55 AM)


This demon is really confusing me. His power, toughness, flying and ability indicates that he could be standard competitive. The only thing that's holding him back at all is 7 mana, compared to the 6 of the titans. But, quite frankly, with the possible exception of Sun Titan and having a certain permanent in your graveyard, none of the titans search for exactly the card you need when they ETB. They may get a strong effect each time they attack, but its that specific tutoring which makes me think someone could make a top tier deck with Rune-Scarred as the finisher.

Heck, if you hit your land drop on the turn after you cast him you could play 4 Phantasmal Images copying him (I do prefer the Sun Titan/Image synergy, but Rune-Scarred has potential with it). A kicked Rite of Replication would leave you with 36 points of flying power on the board, and a full hand of exactly the cards you need. If you expect him to die almost immediately (and don't have a Mimic Vat out), you can dig up a Ris... (see all)
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (7/25/2011 1:35:12 PM)


Stupidly amazing in Commander. Why, yes, a Demonic Tutor plus a 6/6 flyer for 7 seems perfectly great!
Posted By: Radagast (7/21/2011 10:49:38 AM)


Free Demonic Tutor with every purchase of giant 6/6 flying demon. Order now! Only 5BB!
Posted By: SirMalkin (7/7/2011 3:09:03 PM)


A tutor for 3 more? I've seen many demons alot less forgiving.
Posted By: ObsceneMartyr (7/21/2011 6:37:12 PM)


Should be noted that this is a tutor that you could potentially use repeatedly. And since he tutors already, the combos fall together really easily. This would be broken on a weenie.

If you play it; you should win. Period.

EDIT: I said play, not cast. Why would I ever want to cast this? Black can do better.
Posted By: A0602 (7/8/2011 9:23:28 AM)


@alucard311 - Have you even played EDH? This guy is so much better than Demonic Tutor if you're playing EDH. If properly played, you can use Tutor everyturn (maybe even multiple times) and still swing away with a Flying 6/6! How is that at all worse than Demonic Tutor in EDH? If anything, this guy is even more powerful than Demonic Tutor in EDH because he's so much easier to reuse.

That said, its tough to see what's going to happen with Standard, everything is going to be dialed back in terms of speed, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. It looks like they're bringing back some old-school effects, with guys like this and Sphinx of Uthuun, only they're attaching them to some beefy bodies and upping the cost to play them, which I really like. Unfortunately, they're not very playable at the moment, we'll just have to wait and see what happens in the Standard environment. I personally think that a lot more people will go to Extended, just so they don't have to ... (see all)
Posted By: Kitty_the_Kat (7/18/2011 3:08:30 AM)


"Could be an EDH card, if your deck is scraped for the Real Demonic Tutor." -- alucard311

You're....kidding, right? In EDH, since mana cost is pretty much irrelevant, this comes down to pure card advantage: Casting Demonic Tutor nets you 0 card advantage, the tutor merely replaces itself. Casting this dude, however, nets you that card and a nice beefy 6/6 flier at the same time. And that's the best kind of +1 card advantage, a fatty AND the best card in your deck. PLUS, you can flicker/reanimate/copy to reuse this guy MUCH more easily than Demonic Tutor, since he has the advantage of being a creature. In EDH, this >>> Demonic Tutor. And that's saying something, this is Demonic Tutor we're talking about, after all.
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (7/8/2011 8:58:14 PM)