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"Sit down. Shut up. And stay PUT!"
- This guy.
Posted By: WateryMind (7/7/2011 7:30:58 PM)


I really enjoy how this 2/2 looks more intimidating than his similar looking cousin, Sun Titan.
Posted By: Philip-BANG (7/8/2011 3:36:07 AM)


Cast him, give him shroud, say goodbye to permission decks.
Posted By: jsttu (7/7/2011 10:03:45 PM)


Sure, it's not the ultimate lockdown it seems to be at first glance, but it is absolutely excellent.

So, it doesn't do what you think it does. Then what DOES it do?

First? It's a counter sink. They either have to counter this, or sit on their thumbs until their next turn.
Second? It's a removal target. It's going to be the first thing they want to get rid of, thus protecting everything else you have. While removal can be cheap, it's not the mana cost that matters - There's only so many cards someone can have in their hand.
Third? It slows down your opponent's pace. Either they spend mana to counter it (And can't counter as many other spells this turn), or they spend mana on their turn to remove it (And can't counter/remove as many other things next turn)

If you can get it to stick around, wonderful. Swiftfoot boots can make that lovely. But even if it never really hits the table, it's a good use of two mana.
Posted By: Andon_A (7/20/2011 12:18:48 AM)


Fits into so many decks. Aggro likes it for obvious reasons, control likes it to pigeon people against a wall, combo likes it to stay uninterrupted... American twin seems good with this in standard.
Posted By: TheSwarm (7/10/2011 8:54:04 PM)


This seems basically like one gigantic middle finger directed at {U}'s face.
Posted By: the_sixth_degree (12/15/2011 5:38:04 PM)


i agree with @streamhopper. And i absolutely adore white lockdown. I pulled this at pre release. It is absolutely intense.
Posted By: krauser-gogetthegirl (7/13/2011 7:58:07 PM)


@MacBizzle: Hiding information isn't the only reason to do things like that. Stalling Terramorphic Expanse might protect your fetched land from bouncing. Or you might want to pick a different land depending on what your opponent did. Or he already has a Mountainwalk creature out that you can block for one additional turn.

With other activated abilities, reasons are even more numerous: you keep your Mana for a Titanic Growth and only activate your Jade Mage if you don't need it after all, or you want your opponent to think you do, or wait to see whether a pesky Lord of the Unreal wants to be Shock before cycling it off with your Merfolk Looter, or you have cards like Mimic Vat that can't produce you a blocker unless you activate them in your opponent's turn, and so on and so on.

So no, Grand Abolisher does a lot more than just annoy peo... (see all)
Posted By: Aredor (7/30/2011 2:14:58 AM)


*Spits coffee all over computer*
Holy sh*t, all that for 2 mana?
Easily a 5/5.

Another good thing about it, against control decks, it makes it so that they can't counter your spells. Unbelievable in caw-blade mirror.
Posted By: God_Of_The_Smurfs (8/8/2011 3:00:12 PM)


Hate-bear superstar. This man denies your opponent one important thing: the stack.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/17/2011 8:10:15 AM)


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