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It seems like a lot of people complain about land destruction. I'm aware that R&D are starting to or have been limiting land destruction and I agree that its not very fun to play when you can't even well, play! But I think there definitely still needs to be a limited amount of land destruction. It's another mechanic of the game and I think taking that away would ruin the game. Hopefully they don't limit it too much. I guess it's about finding that balance. Anyways, this card is a classic of course, but I doubt any card like it will ever be printed again.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (4/5/2010 5:40:54 PM)


From a strategic point of view this is astounding, escpecially for what white had at the time, field Serra Angel and play this, you've won. However, I've been mana-chocked on a bad shuffle and that alone made me mad, no lie, if I had no creatures out and someone up and destroyed all my lands, I'd pry quit.
Posted By: BadProgram (10/6/2010 12:33:24 PM)


The only acceptable response to this resolving is leaping across the table and strangling your opponent.
Posted By: Omnei_of_Bant (10/11/2009 7:15:27 PM)


With proper use, this is simply great, especially after crippling your opponent by killing most of their creatures.
With improper use, this will simply make everyone hate you.
Posted By: Weretarrasque (7/25/2009 9:25:17 AM)


I can understand why Land Destruction is so hated... being mana screwed is already the worst thing in Magic. Why would anyone want to make mana screw part of the game?
Posted By: Volcre (8/17/2009 2:27:26 PM)


Great card, both mechanically and flavorfully, if LD wasn't so hated, I believe this card could of made it into M10 dur to its simple flavour. You think Armageddon, this mechanic comes out...
Posted By: Guest57443454 (7/1/2009 9:57:01 AM)


if you really want to be an @$$ play this card especially the alpha printing iv got an @$$hole white blue deck with 3 alpha armageddons and i swear everytime i play that deck (never in sanctioned tourneys) i feel a little of my soul whither and die
Posted By: raverboy1123 (5/23/2010 2:03:02 AM)


Hell Yeah So Sick. Apocalypse Lookin. Reprint This DANK
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (12/27/2010 11:31:00 AM)


12:40 AM


I'm sending this back in Time in the Mad Hope that someone can save us. I hope someone can save us.

It is Dawn of the Third Day

The ZOMBIES are everywhere, rising from their Ancestral Recalled homelands in Ancient May, the true birthplace of the Mayan Civilzation, one of the 12 districts of the Island Kingdom of the Lord of Atlantis, Zedd. It shockingly rose in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The Power Rangers were all killed on the Moon by Mockingbirds that nobody knew How to Kill, because they hadn't seen this:

Mockingbirds are like Storm Crows, only 1000 x 1000 x worse.
But we had no Pirates or Ninjas or Literary Devices to save us this time, because Lord Voldemort came back and destroyed all the books in the Library. All the Potterheads committed suicide at this.

Three days and nights' pursuit. No food. No rest. We've given no s... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (12/20/2012 10:57:08 PM)


@EvilCleavage Land destruction has always been a part of Standard competitive play. Some of the modern (post-Stone Rain) examples are Ghost Quarter, Avalanche Riders, Primal Command, Spreading Seas, Tectonic Edge, and each of these was/has been a big player in the format.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (6/10/2011 11:38:51 PM)


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