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In a super casual game combo with Phyrexian Unlife for kicks and giggles
Posted By: jkt3 (4/30/2011 7:15:25 AM)


Yes, take them down with infect instead of standard beatdown so that you can always fallback on their lifetotal instead.
Posted By: AnTzero (4/28/2011 3:47:35 PM)


I think there's a reason they printed this in the same set that they gave us Phyrexian Mana... Like if you get yourself down pretty far, say to 8, and then drop this, your opponent will hesitate to attack unless they can outright kill you, so at worst I'd call this a funky stall tactic, and a great way to make certain cards' drawbacks positive... Lord of the Pit for instance...
Posted By: poprockmonster (5/16/2011 3:58:20 PM)


I was at a draft last weekend (NPH/MBS/SOM). I passed it the first time (can't remember what I took in place of it, but I ended up with a sweet mono-red deck...not that I knew I was going to end up Mono-R at that time...), and, not surprisingly, it wheeled and came back to me. There was nothing else good in the pack so I snatched it up figuring it would be a nice surprise card if my deck got stalled out.

This card won me two games, one of which I had absolutely no business winning. That game was definitely the match clincher against an opponent who had an absolutely incredible W/U control deck with bounce cards flying all over the place. He got me down to 1 lifepoint, cast a numbing dose on my soul conduit and passed the turn, in response to the numbing dose life loss trigger I swap life totals, he is now at 1 and I am now at 16 (15 when the numbing dose trigger resolves). With all his bounce he still has the board position and I have an empty board except fo... (see all)
Posted By: Flyheight (5/23/2011 10:51:57 AM)


This just needs a giant picture of Captain Ginyu.
Then it would be visually accurate. lol
Posted By: SquirePath (11/26/2011 12:52:41 PM)


Brutal in EDH multiplayer, such a politics card.
Posted By: D34D2R1T35 (4/7/2012 1:55:22 PM)


Play Vile Bile, remove your glove, and poke it 9 times. Activate this card.
Posted By: Gameguy602 (5/23/2012 2:09:17 PM)


Probably the best lolzy multiplayer card in the set. I love it.
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (4/28/2011 10:13:28 PM)


"If you attack me, I'll switch and double Bolt you."

With anything with a repeatable Phyrexian mana symbol, just off them with a Gut Shot. Just watch out for their Gut Shot in response to the switch.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (4/30/2011 7:58:18 PM)


Run with lich effects for instant kills and lols.
Posted By: TPmanW (5/8/2011 11:57:08 PM)


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