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Simply disgusting artwork (in a good way), really fits the card.

Cant wait to see what other new art "Ironbark" is going to do for mtg.
Posted By: Mekh (6/16/2011 3:02:12 PM)


Amazing art and really cool ability.

@Mekh Ironbrush is a guy on Photobucket. Wizards saw his art and bought it from him.
Posted By: Rikiaz (6/16/2011 10:39:10 PM)


That's my son! - Fleshbag Marauder
Posted By: bluemaxx (10/15/2012 3:06:08 AM)


Anyone else reminded of Living Wall when they see this art?
Posted By: Zetan (12/21/2012 5:59:58 AM)


That's okay, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.
Posted By: ZeroSheep (6/16/2011 11:26:58 PM)


Stay Puft Pony Boy.
Posted By: lorendorky (6/16/2011 11:39:41 PM)


Too powerful for this format? Bahahaha. This isn't powerful at all in a format where a deck can reliably lock out the table by turn 6ish. It's a good card, but far from overpowered. I'd almost always rather cast Syphon Mind; 2/2 guys are rarely relevant.
Posted By: auriscope (6/26/2011 1:50:19 PM)


Quaido, Quaido - Total Recall
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (6/26/2011 5:51:11 PM)


Commander games often have 8 people playing, which means that this card causes each opponent to lose a creature and gives you up to 7 tokens. I'm afraid it's too powerful for the format, but time will tell.
Posted By: Chamale (6/16/2011 3:50:37 PM)


the thing is that playing this singles you out as the guy that needs to be killed. Like a lot of these new Commander cards, it might be more suited to Archenemy.
Posted By: Biggles (6/17/2011 11:48:30 PM)