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I love this card. Best case scenario, you re-trigger an ETB effect (soulbond, anyone?) and untap to block and kill an attacking guy. Worst case scenario, it still says, "Counter target removal," which is a great deal for just one mana. Great art, too. Possibly the best common in the set overall. 5/5.
Posted By: wstonefi (4/26/2012 10:51:04 PM)


This is one of those cards that a brand new player would think is useless, but would slowly learn the power of its versatility.

I love versatile cards, especially ones that are good combat tricks, and this card even has great art to go with it.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (5/2/2012 10:35:10 AM)


i want a playset of this card for all my white decks.
oh, is that a 10/10 lifelinking/deathtouching monstroty coming at me? chumpblock, cloudshift and nothing happens- and that is probably the least useful way to use this card, as it causes you to lose card advantage mearly to negate the attack of a single creature.
this tickles the johnny in me.
Posted By: theoneandonlyjoseph (4/27/2012 1:04:29 AM)


@TimmyForever... omg, are you an ubernoob? Normally I wouldn't say that, or what I"m bout to say but are you STUPID! Unless of course you're just trying to troll us. Read the comments, and see how useful this amazing card IS!
Posted By: Kamishini (5/11/2012 12:38:13 PM)


Whenever a permanent leaves the battlefield and enters the battlefield again, it is a new permanent. Anything targeting it will see that it is not the same permanent that it was before it left the battlefield. Yes, you can block with the creature you Cloudshifted.

When you target something that would gain control of that target, and someone else Cloudshifts it, the trigger that both exiles it and returns it to the battlefield goes on the stack. It resolves. Now the previous spell has to resolve. It checks for legal targets and sees that the permanent it was targeting is no longer on the battlefield. It fizzles.

Cloudshift isn't targeting a spell on the stack and I'm not sure why you are under that impression. Cloudshift is targeting a permanent on the battlefield -- notably, it is targeting the same permanent that, in your scenario, Traitorous Blood or Murder is targeting. For those spells to resolve, the permanent they were targeting must be on the battlefield at... (see all)
Posted By: igniteice (3/6/2013 6:39:06 PM)


This is the first card I've ever wanted more than four of in my decks. SO USEFUL
Posted By: solitarysolidarity (4/30/2012 8:48:17 PM)


@Speednat Cast Fiend Hunter, as it comes into play, its first ability goes onto the stack. In response, cast Cloudshift on your Fiend Hunter. Fiend Hunter's second ability will be put onto the stack (doing nothing). A "New" Fiend Hunter will be put into play from Cloudshift resolving, choose a new enemy creature if you want. The old "Fiend Hunter"'s first ability will resolve, exiling a creature forever.
Posted By: Yezzerat (5/1/2012 2:09:18 AM)



It says "Exile target creature you control." Doesn't get any more clear than that.
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (5/20/2012 1:59:52 AM)


@ xefe

The dregscape zombie gets exiled by cloudshift and then reenters the battlefield as a new permanent.

Creatures with unearth get exiled if they leave the battlefield. But if they're exiled by another spell and ability, the unearth trigger can't exile a card already in exile so it fizzles and the source that exiled the given creature with unearth abilities source (sorry, wordy explanation) continues to resolve.
Posted By: MindAblaze (8/14/2012 12:33:59 PM)


This has a lot going for it for White. Really bonkers to abuse ETB effects and get a free chump block at the same time. With unsummon strategies, the same goal is accomplished but you have to repay the cmc of the creature. Not to mention its a counterspell for removal. It does not even say owner, so using this on an act of treason creature will be a 2 card mind control without an enchantment.

With this effect, it could have cost 1White and people would nod in understanding.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (12/5/2012 7:51:09 PM)


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