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If you have multiples of it alongside stuff like Mundungu and Patron Wizard, though, you can essentially swarm a spell with Force Spikes.
Posted By: Kirbster (12/30/2010 4:53:45 PM)


ummm, thats pretty friggen good... its a Force Spike, or Cursecatcher... except it doesn't ever die!
Posted By: Jinx585 (1/21/2010 11:53:53 PM)


...and the other half is slowing your opponent down. something that this card does very well. sure it's no counterbalance, but you also don't need a top to make it worthwhile.
overall a decent card.
Posted By: OverfiendSurprise (6/22/2010 4:35:57 AM)


For that last push through to removing potential threats. 3/5
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (12/16/2009 8:56:32 PM)


Not bad in conjunction with abilities that untap lands such as Ley Druid. The real fun of it is to leave the land open until an opponent has the one extra to pay, let them pay it, then Force Spike.
Posted By: Nagazel (7/19/2011 12:44:54 AM)


it turns your land into a reusable force spike. That's pretty interesting to say the least
Posted By: mdakw576 (1/18/2010 2:58:04 AM)


Hehe! Rating is 3.222
Posted By: Hibron (4/23/2010 8:07:55 AM)


Half the effectiveness of counterspells are that they are a surprise. This isn't a surprise, all it does is force an opponent 1 more turn to cast the spell he wants to cast. I'd much rather have something that bounces that spell, whether it be a Boomerang or an actual Counterpsell. At least this way it screws up the opponents plans. 2/5
Posted By: ropebreezy (6/21/2010 10:58:18 PM)


For best use, enchant onto Darksteel Citadel.
Posted By: Gaffy00 (9/16/2011 2:08:41 PM)


A pretty decent card. And from prophecy nonetheless!
Posted By: pedrodyl (9/24/2011 4:22:15 PM)