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Think about him in a land d deck. By the time you get him out, your opponent should only have a max of 4 lands. Let the destruction commence..
Posted By: Crag-Hack (8/2/2011 8:44:55 PM)


The problem is that running any kind of LD in EDH marks you as a massive dick to your entire playgroup. So running this guy as your commander will make everyone gang up on you from turn one.
Posted By: Totema (6/17/2013 9:10:29 PM)


Turn 7 at the earliest? Acceleration my Dear Watson.
Posted By: lorendorky (6/25/2011 10:42:02 PM)


Numot, the Devastator is my general of choice because:

1) I can run Sunforger into Double Negative.

2) I can run Avalanche Riders into Venser, the Sojourner.

3) I can recycle all of my Sunforged instants with Venser, Trinket Mage, and Elixir of Immortality.

4) I can go "Turn one Serra Ascendant, turn two Looter Il-Kor, turn 3 Jhoira of the Ghitu" and protect them with counterspells and force them through with burn.

5) I can destroy 2 lands per turn when he's online and wearing the Lightning Greaves I tutored for with Muddle the Mixture. My first targets are Maze of Ith and their coolest dual. They never recover.

I really only resort to my general as a last option you see. The rest of the deck is just that good. However, sometimes, y... (see all)
Posted By: DacenOctavio (9/6/2011 11:34:42 PM)


My favorite trick when playing Numot (or his Planar Cousin) is to call out the 6 "components" that make up Devastator. "Scrapper! Mixmaster! Long Haul! Hook! Bonecrusher! Scavenger! Transform, PHASE TWO!" (Imagine this line in Frank Welker's Megatron voice.)
Posted By: Cybertronian (1/3/2012 4:15:29 PM)


The problem is, destroying two lands isn't fun.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (6/17/2011 11:12:39 AM)


you both wrong. the problem is, I had no idea that there was REPEATABLE LAND DESTROYING LEGENDARY DRAGON!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Crucible of Worlds + Life from the Loan if you don't like it.

EDIT: so, me and my brother went to Wal-Mart to finally get ourselves some Commander boxes. The last two were this and Kaalia of the Vast. Decisions, decisions....

This guy is about as much fun to play AGAINST as a nuclear bomb. I ALMOST feel sorry for everybody's asses we've been kicking over the years....nah, not really. I'll just get a Numot Deck next time. I like how Numot, the Devastator is the only Wedge Dragon to strictly overshadow all the other Legends in his deck. It's not even close. Which new Legend is the biggest deal? I'm not sure...I'm also not sure that whoever it is would be all too thrilled about being matched against Numot. Everybody starts having problems when a Dragon decides to bite their balls off....:P
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/14/2011 10:31:42 PM)



There's not exactly much in the ways of acceleration for white and blue. Red has some options, but you've got to be pretty lucky to draw into those cards at just the right time.


No, but destroying two lands IS fun, however. Remember, White and Red are best known for the ways they can get double strike; Assault Strobe, Concerted Effort, Double Cleave, Rage Reflection, Savage Beating, True Conviction, Psychotic Fury, Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion. Those are basically all of the really useful ones that red and white have access to (there's a handful of others, but they do nothing but grant double strike). Combine that with white and blue's various ways of getting creature's through (via unblockability or protection from their creatures), as well as the equipment that gives trample, and Numot... (see all)
Posted By: Zielheim (12/19/2011 12:32:07 AM)


he is... America. sweet dragon of liberty, of thee i sing.
Posted By: Drewid (12/23/2011 8:48:07 AM)


it'sf unny because america destroys other countries
Posted By: uhhhhhhhhh (2/22/2012 9:46:47 AM)


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