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I'm glad to see this in Commander. For a deck without many creatures, it's nice to borrow someone else's powerful army and then clobber them with it.
Posted By: Chamale (6/16/2011 3:53:15 PM)


Sacrifice any crappy or potential blockers you have to Goblin Bombardment. Then cast Reins of Power, attack, then sacrifice your opponent's creatures again to Goblin Bombardment!
Posted By: silvergrove (8/16/2011 8:10:07 PM)


Why is the guy from Avatar training with a machete with Darth Maul's face in the background?
Posted By: Sticksandstones (7/22/2013 2:33:57 AM)


So if I cast this and then give some of my opponent's creatures back to him with Zedruu the Greathearted, do I get all the creatures back from his side at the end of the turn?
Posted By: Long_Con (7/29/2011 7:33:52 AM)


Ok Bob, you're dudes are blocking Doug for me, too bad they all have deathtouch.
Alright, my turn I bring back Reins of Power with Izzet Chronarch and use Jane's creatures to swing at Doug since he's they're all pretty much tapped- or have deathtouch.
True story.
Posted By: TPmanW (6/21/2011 9:53:25 PM)


Weird, I'd think this would be Blue or Red, red because of the untap, haste, gain a lot of creatures, but blue, because it's an exchange sort of thing, where you have to balance it carefully.
Posted By: dlgn (5/9/2012 12:21:45 AM)


I plan to put this into my shape shifter deck. The entire purpose is to get a bunch of the most powerful creature on the board and then basically win. So if one of my friends wants to team up with me I can use this as a bargaining mechanism and allow him to borrow my creatures. The only issue is my deck has this issue where every creature on the board becomes mine insanely fast... oh well I guess i could just give him the ability to kill everyone at once including myself. =D
Posted By: __Silence__ (5/14/2012 6:33:57 AM)


Oh Emrakul, you so tasty...
Posted By: solidzaku (8/17/2011 3:19:31 PM)


@long_con, the creatures you gave away stay with to whoever you gave them to, even if that is that same opponent they came from. the other creatures return unter their original controller's control.
you can use bazaar trader to keep some creatures you borrowed. or in multiplayer, give them away to your friends with Zedruu.
Posted By: Tezz (11/18/2011 5:10:24 AM)


I was having an argument over using this with Mass Polymorph .... he claimed that my opponent would get my new creatures at the end of turn. I disagree on the grounds that this card only affects creatures on the battlefield when it is played. Thoughts?
Posted By: shadenfreude (5/29/2012 4:29:49 PM)


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