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This is just so quality
3/3 haste for 3, plus the bonus of the scavenge
Posted By: Miklzry (9/25/2012 6:20:26 PM)


The Golgari had Woodwraith Strangler in old Ravnica. Now they have this. Live for the Swarm!
Posted By: Okuu-chan (9/26/2012 12:59:12 AM)


Plant Zombie...with haste.

Apparently crossing a shambling corpse with an immobile green machine gives you a super fast flesh eating vine thing....that's eco friendly and salvageable.
Posted By: Jack-o-Crow (2/3/2013 11:38:41 PM)


Can't figure out which side of the lawn this goes on...
Posted By: oddmonk (9/25/2012 5:04:47 PM)


This thing mangles dregs. What more could you ask for?
Posted By: VirusVescichetta (10/12/2012 7:51:44 PM)


This guy is going to stomp face in draft.
Posted By: TheManakinTransfer (9/25/2012 5:12:32 PM)


Duel Decks: Plants Vs. Zombies no longer as good idea as:

Premium Deck Series: Plants and Zombies.

Too bad PDS is discontinued :/
Posted By: DarthParallax (9/26/2012 8:25:47 PM)


I'm having a hard time deciding weather or not I should put this in a 3cmc slot over Vampire Nighthawk in my B/G aggro deck. Nighthawk's Flying + Lifelink make it a fantastic beatstick, especially with Rancor; the Flying + Deathtouch makes it a great defender.

But the Haste + 3/3 + split color cost makes me think, 'This just beats face better.' Plus, it's Scavenge ability gives 3 +1/+1's at 5 mana; while not a game-ender on-par with Wolfir Silverheart in and of its own, it is a great mid-late game boost to, say, Champion of Lambholt. Corpsejack Menace in the mix would be just gravy. Eat him with a Lotleth Troll, and it's sitting in the graveyard for later use (if you need it).

Plus...he's a Zombie. And my Gravecrawlers loooooove other Zombies.

I'm going to have to give the slot to Dreg Mangler, at least in this set-up
Posted By: ThinkOriginal (9/26/2012 12:23:31 PM)


I am a pro and I think plant zombies are pretty sweet. Especially plant zombies with scavenge.
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/26/2012 6:04:41 AM)


3/3 haste for 3 is good for draft, adding scavenge means this could very well see some standard play. Also, plant zombie is sweet.
Posted By: rollinsclone (9/27/2012 9:38:53 PM)


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