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The artwork of this card is FANTASTIC!!!! There is soooo much wickedness going on!!

It looks like a gang of Rakdos has broken into an Azorius temple and is basically, um, slaughtering everyone.

- Supercute baby cherub devil firebreathing a guys# head off in the foreground
- Two jester girls killing people in the middle, one by tossing a spiked club which is also trailing blood.
- Two huge titan-like creatures breaking in through the walls or windows in the background
- Babies with jack-o-lantern eyes and grins and nails in their heads clubbing a guy with a mace in the lower right
- Two further cherub devils dragging a guy through the balustrade top right

And my favorite: right middle, another jester girl doing a flying dropkick through a stained-glass window and hitting another priest. Bloodspray and all.

And the card? Wonder how much this can be comboed with the likes of Heartless Hidetsugu or Hidetsugu's Second Rite...
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/30/2012 1:09:50 PM)


This seems like a lot of fun in R/B Curses, along with Curse of Misfortunes and Curse of Thirst. I play that in casual, and it is really fun! Also, this is one of the few symmetrical effects that give you the first benefit, unlike Howling Mine and Font of Mythos
Posted By: Superllama12 (9/25/2012 6:36:47 PM)


Such a brutal card. Puts the whole game on a clock if it isn't answered quickly. Not many other enchantments do that, especially not in red and black.
Posted By: Avensai (9/26/2012 1:32:17 AM)


Similar flavor text to the old Reckless Assault. Because of the activation on upkeep, you could theoretically let your opponent take the hit and then find a way to remove this before it backfires.
Posted By: ank (9/26/2012 11:58:35 AM)


Speaking of 'the clock.'
Would you REALLY deal with this enchantment before it got a taste of the guy who played it?
In multi-player this'll make at LEAST one trip around, because your buds wanna see it hit you.

Aside from Wound Reflection (and seriously, what kinda jagoff is going to do that?) how would you deal with this IN YOUR OWN DECK?

Soliciting comments.
Posted By: Barjin-N-Blastum (10/2/2012 9:42:49 AM)


At long last, VCU's men's basketball team gets a Magic card. I don't think our brand of havoc causes people to slowly die, though.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (9/25/2012 8:22:31 PM)


Those little cherubic devils are strangely cute...

An evil card to play in Commander (which is probably where it'll fit anyway). Going from 40 to 20 at the start of your upkeep stings.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (9/26/2012 1:31:52 PM)


Wound Reflection.
Posted By: Okuu-chan (9/26/2012 1:41:01 AM)


Whenever I play a rakdos card, I start singing Highway to Hell to myself. No clue why.
Posted By: D.human (11/4/2012 9:08:42 AM)


@Barjin-N-Blastum. Telim'Tor's Edict is enought to save your ass for cheap.
Posted By: Tinkerermcmuffin (10/2/2012 2:10:22 PM)


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