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I'm pretty sure that is Beavis.
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (4/1/2010 1:28:25 AM)


This is just a stupid idea for a card. Consider that a giant growth gives you +3/+3 for only 1 mana. That makes this card WAY overpriced. The trample does NOT make it worth the extra 3 mana. Also, Overrun costs only 5 and gives ALL your creates +3/+3 and trample. That makes this card pretty much useless.
Posted By: kowrip (11/3/2009 9:44:29 AM)


Too pricey for the effects, which is too bad, as it could be awesome if it were cheaper.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/15/2010 10:44:00 AM)


A bad Predator's Strike
Posted By: SuicidalTendancies (3/25/2010 9:19:29 PM)


I love old art. See Dwarven Thaumaturgist.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (10/31/2010 1:48:04 AM)


The fixed Berserk!
Remember that Berserk was considered too powerful in the early days. Ice Age block represented something of a low in creature power level; the subsequent Mirage and Tempest blocks introduced more potent creatures (e.g. Vision's Stampeding Wildebeests) and pump spells (e.g. Overrun).
Posted By: M@tttyZ (12/4/2010 2:01:27 PM)


My next thought after playing this would be to cast Incite on target creature, just to make him really mad.
Posted By: DlCK (6/20/2011 12:04:03 AM)


This card was obviously an attempt to make a "fixed" Berserk, which turned out to be rather useless. Admittedly, back then, giving trample was a Big Thing since almost nothing in the game could do that. Still, this card is badly overcosted, and when Overrun came out, it became even less useful.
Posted By: Radagast (12/30/2012 11:20:38 AM)


Only way it could be better is if it was a sorcery.
Posted By: berserkberserker (4/23/2010 2:55:02 PM)


he should go visit a doctor for his rabies.
Posted By: Crag-Hack (8/5/2011 11:41:38 PM)