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Based on Cifka's recent Modern Pro-Tour win, this deserves higher than a 3.5. This card pushes Eggs decks over the top.
Posted By: occamsrazorwit (10/21/2012 10:40:43 PM)


Rakdos the Defiler + this + Past in Flames O.o
Posted By: NoIHavent (9/16/2012 1:11:12 PM)



Ok guys, here's ANOTHER way to look at it.

3White: Return target Planeswalker that was put in the graveyard this turn to the battlefield

Now, imagine Ultimating with Ajani Goldmane (pooping out a Serra Avatar) which kills him, then bringing him back to give your Avatar Vigilance and a +1/+1 counter.


I'm getting a playset before this becomes realistic.
Posted By: Ferlord (12/11/2012 11:14:49 PM)


I have a casual UW control semi-based around this card. It has a wonderful soft lock:
2 Archaeomancer
1 Faith's Reward
1 Supreme Verdict

I stuck this card in there as an afterthought, not realizing its true power.
Posted By: ereidivh (12/17/2012 3:15:31 PM)


Elspeth Tirel's Ultimate or Devastation are a couple of my favorite 2-card combos with this.
Posted By: 4Lark (7/6/2012 1:53:45 PM)


3+3B+1W / 7CC: Discard your hand, target player loses 5 life.

I hope your permanents have some pretty impressive leaving/entering battlefield triggers...
Posted By: igniteice (7/8/2012 1:21:28 PM)


This + Archaeomancer + 2 Ghost Quarters + Bloodthrone Vampire + Alchemist's Apprentice = At end of your opponent's turn, put all of your basic lands from your Library into play tapped and draw all your cards.
Posted By: DarkTowerEX (7/9/2012 12:37:42 PM)


I believe this is decent addition to lets say - aura decks. They kill your enchanted creature but with this card you bring it back with all auras (only you have to attach them to another creature)
Posted By: zipec (7/6/2012 1:10:20 AM)


Strictly sideboard? Are you serious?

Use a little imagination here. It's definitely something you don't want to pass up in draft; it's a really cute trick that can give you that edge in board control. You block the attack and clear up as many creatures as you can, your opponent taps out for his second main phase, and then you play this... or you attack "wreckessly" and your opponent blocks and clears stuff up only to have it come back at the end of the turn.

In standard, I would definitely try to play this with a black/white sacrificing deck. Throw in a few Blood Artists, a Killing Wave, rinse and repeat. It's alst a good way to bring your Thragtusk out again if you've used up all your Cludshifts.

There are better cards but all around, it's a great way to be aggressive with your weenies that have "enters the battlefield" or "this creature dies" clauses that don't have other abilities. So calling it ... (see all)
Posted By: 0ba4152840ef9b1725fd (7/14/2012 5:59:56 PM)


second sunrise only for you. combo engine, and a great one. think about fetchlands, chromatic star, lotus bloom... and so on.
Posted By: don_miguel (7/30/2012 11:33:42 AM)


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