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+1/+4 is INTERESTING. I don't even know how highly to value a permanent +0/+4 boost to my entire team.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (1/28/2012 7:10:26 AM)


"Guys! We're screwed! TURTLE UP."
Posted By: Tzaph (3/9/2012 4:20:07 AM)


A rather average card, as you need Fateful hour for it to gain an ability (though a rather good one at that)

And at 5 life, you better have a good plan or you are dead
Posted By: Paladin85 (1/26/2012 11:08:55 PM)


Yah, I'm going to call it now. They're going to make some sort of Lich card in the next set. It will probably be based on Dorian Gray (famous Gothic horror story) and it will either suck to make up for the synergy with Fateful Hour or they'll throw it on something huge as an extra effect.
This card will be alright alongside it since most Lich type cards make you want to block more more than if you hadn't played them.
Posted By: TPmanW (1/28/2012 10:33:13 PM)


She really puts herself into her work.
Posted By: Stray_Dog (3/1/2012 8:25:58 PM)


A 1/4 soldier for 2White isn't half bad.
As soon as fateful hour engages? Oh my god, you had better run.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (5/9/2012 8:58:39 AM)


How strange... every time I've seen this card I could've sworn its flavor text was "Each year that passes rings you inwardly with memory and might. Wield your heart, and the world will tremble."

Maybe I'm thinking of something else. Oh well.
Posted By: RustyKeyes (5/25/2013 1:34:32 AM)


Worship for those last few rounds
Posted By: Buderus (9/9/2012 1:19:00 PM)


"And that puts you on 3. Your turn!"
"HAHA! You walked right into my trap! I play the Doran, the Siege Tower I've been holding on to for just this moment!"
"... can you give it haste?"
"Nope, but next turn you are SO dead!"
"Why didn't you play Doran like 5 turns ago?"
"Cos I put this card in here and I sure as heck plan on using it! Now stop trying to delay the inevitible! Do you concede, or will you try to stop me?!"
"Tap a mountain; Lightning Bolt."
"... I hate you."
Posted By: BlakeHN (1/27/2012 2:33:02 PM)


It would be fun to see a Zero-life deck combo with Fateful hour!
(Lich,Platinum actifacts,Phyrexian Unlife,Transcendence)
Posted By: Infernaldarkness (11/24/2012 5:06:08 PM)


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