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Yup, it's better than Whetwheel, unless you were doing something with the Morph. Quite a bit of mill support in M13, no doubt for the benefit of the Guild that Doesn't Exist.
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (7/5/2012 5:55:06 PM)


I got one in my prerelease pool.
I didn't go blue, but I knew how powerful this card was with 2 copies of Rise From the Grave.
I milled out 5 opponents with no extra mill.
I have seen the power of this card, and I will high pick this in Limited, if only to guarantee that I do not succumb to it.
Mill is absurd in this Limited format.
Posted By: infernox10 (7/8/2012 10:48:08 PM)


I didn't fully understand the limited power of this card. I remember glancing over it in the weeks before the pre-release, and chocking it up as a rare that I didn't want in any of my packs. It came through in spades. Whenever it hit the field on either side of the board, it wound up ending the game.

It does something that people often fail to understand. Whether it's winning you the game immediately or not, it gives you a place to dump all your leftover mana at the end of an opponent's turn. It's absolutely efficient, especially when you're running Mind Sculpt (which is underrated) and Rise From the Grave. This is the kind of help that mill decks needed. Even when they draw a land, it puts them one step closer to winning. If it doesn't win the game on its own, it will certainly mill away certain cards your opponent was hoping to see, and if nothing else, can give you an excellent reanimation target.

I expect this to be a top-pick in limited... (see all)
Posted By: StreamHopper (7/9/2012 12:42:41 PM)


I hate to repeat what everyone else has already said, but I just wanted to add that this card has single-handedly brought victories for me in Limited when I for all intents and purposes should not have won. Perhaps that's good, perhaps that's bad. As far as Limited is concerned it teeters on the edge of being overpowered. I suppose that is weighed against its (probable) worthlessness in other formats.

I'm actually somewhat surprised this card--Pay X: Mill X--hadn't already been created yet. That being said, I almost wonder if that means WotC has begun to run out of ideas for Mill in much the same way Black now, finally, has Murder, another card many are probably surprised hadn't existed yet.

I just worry that Milling is going very much the way that the original Poison went. Poison was a slow, steady win condition, that got turned into the hyper-aggressive Infect. Mill, named for Millstone, has now, too, been turned into an aggressive approach... (see all)
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (7/16/2012 12:05:00 AM)


UNREAL in limited!

Doesn't matter if you have any other mill, just shove this in and watch your opponents panic
Posted By: GGnextMatt (7/7/2012 5:00:01 PM)


This card makes Limited un-fun, period. I made it to the top 4 in a GPT and lost to this.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (7/21/2012 6:10:58 PM)


This card is absolutely broken in limited.

In a pre-release tourney of 30 people, I placed 5th overall with a pretty solid deck. But every time I came up against this card, I lost to a mill defeat. Every. Single. Time. It happened against three different opponents (all of whom placed in the top four). And only one of them was playing blue.

If you can't remove it, you lose. It's just too easy to win with this on the board, a few chump blockers, and an opponent who has 30 or less cards left in their deck when it hits the table.

Posted By: ChumleyX (7/9/2012 4:46:46 AM)


Liliana's new ultimate + this

You're welcome Mono Black Mill decks
Posted By: CammyWhite (7/6/2012 8:03:34 PM)


Guess what happen at release... Got two mind sculpt and a solid blue draw from my seal. Pulled Sands and well everyone I faced either ***ed their pants or gave me the finger for milling them out lol.
Posted By: JB_Xyooj (7/8/2012 6:26:58 PM)


Ok so lets talk about something BESIDES limited where this is an obvious powerhouse. I propose this is quality EDH material.

Off the bat mill X is usually not all that impressive on it's own, usually because cards like Tome Scour, Mind Funeral, and Glimpse the Unthinkable are much more efficient for the cost. Even in set we have Mind Sculpt and Jace, Memory Adept. So if you're going for a straight mill win (in anything besides limited) this doesn't really stack up, it's just too slow. Even with infinite mana you're probably better off dropping something along the lines of Blue Sun's Zenith which will end the game right there, rather than waiting for your opponent to draw again.

While it's not as powerful as other mill cards it does have two distinct strengths; it's repeatable and it can be used at instant speed. In a slower format like EDH this allows you... (see all)
Posted By: Pinto331 (7/26/2012 7:59:02 PM)


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