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this is him an instant before he summons a LIGHTNING GUITAR and melts your face with some awesome jams
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/24/2011 9:37:23 AM)


I love how the art is so ludicrous that the flavor text has to handwave it.
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (10/31/2012 12:05:29 PM)


The art is way too interesting for the effect.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (2/8/2010 7:35:57 PM)


This guy reminds me of the winged warriors in Flash Gordon. Other than that, it's pretty bad.
Posted By: Bluehero (5/21/2010 12:18:00 AM)


Not until the fat lady sings.
Posted By: Cyberium (11/9/2010 10:02:02 AM)


I want this dude's hat.
Posted By: joemercer (11/12/2010 4:42:18 PM)


The winged helms of the Guard are put on for pageants - but taken off for war...

Soooooo, I guess he's participating in a pageant in the artwork? Mechanically the ability is okay, can screw up combat but lacks the element of surprise in that your opponent can see it coming (they can block a bit better knowing something may get +2/+2, whereas with say, Mutagenic Growth your opponent can be surprised.)

Also your opponent can potentially net a 2 for 1 by destroying the creature targetted by Kjeldoran Elite Guard's ability with a Doom Blade, for example.
Posted By: tcollins (8/15/2011 12:10:16 PM)


This, gentlemen, is your real dad.
Posted By: Hackworthy (12/8/2011 7:15:40 PM)


Flavorwise, I love how this is an improved, bigger Kjeldoran Guard, much like Kjeldoran Skycaptain is a bigger Kjeldoran Skyknight.

Practically, it is risky to use. Contrary to its name and flavor, it's usually not best in situations where it "guards" another creature in combat, as a well timed Giant Growth or Unsummon could put you in severe card disadvantage.

@Lord_Ascapelion - this comment made my day :). The art direction of Ice Age was completely random and so incredibly unfocused. Good old Magic of yesteryear...
Posted By: Equinox523 (1/30/2013 9:15:37 AM)


He's like Elesh Norn...

Watch out for doors! ;)
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (3/7/2012 4:52:00 AM)


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