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Thromok, the Insatiable
This is your win con, son. If they wanna doomblade that shit, or chumpblock, you teach them a lesson they ain't gunna forget.
Posted By: RAV0004 (6/1/2012 1:36:41 AM)


Should have had the new art
Posted By: Jayquaz (5/31/2012 5:59:24 PM)


Nice with ghoultree
Posted By: TheDementiaBat (6/3/2012 12:37:53 PM)


Fling + Revererate + some stupid sized elemental or leviathan or dreadnought = a fantastic win condition.
Posted By: Dream_Twist (6/16/2012 9:08:56 PM)


alternate flavor text-
"Oh, George. You were naughty to pretend you was a bunny rabbit. I will punish you good."
Posted By: StreamHopper (6/5/2012 11:11:58 AM)



Wouldn't that just kill Tree of Redemption before you get to cast Fling on it? Its toughness would be 0 the moment About Face resolves. You'd have to give him at least +1/+1 first.
Posted By: etyb (3/11/2013 9:03:14 AM)


What in the name of all that is Vorthos is going on in this art? What's with the naked troll?
WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? (Actually, I'd rather not know.)
Posted By: SgtPepperjack (8/18/2012 9:44:24 AM)


About Face, then exchange life total with Tree of Redemption, then Fling.
Posted By: GrayWizard (2/27/2013 11:25:08 AM)


turn 4 win!!!
just to be a jerk start with Leyline of Punishment
turn 1: Mountain
turn 2: Mountain
turn 3: Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Vampire Hexmage
turn 4: Dark Depths, Sac VH for Marit Lage then Fling Marit Lage
Posted By: RevShad (8/13/2012 5:07:37 PM)


Extra points for making Barbary Apes Fling Filth!
Posted By: Morgaledh (11/3/2012 6:19:30 PM)