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Indestructible Aura does not make creatures Indestructible, nor is it an Aura. Indestructible Aura does prevent your boltbait from getting Bolted.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (9/3/2010 4:13:10 PM)


Indestructible Aura: The only card with a more awkward chimera than Horde of Notions or Supreme Exemplar.

Also, neither Indestructible, nor an Aura. Oops.

Rock on with your bad self, horns-throwing fish-bodied falcon-dude.

Bird-headed men were sort of a thing in early Magic. See also: Natural Selection.
Posted By: TheLibertinistic (12/31/2010 4:04:13 PM)


Indestructible Aura is not indestructible.
Posted By: MagicMTG (8/21/2010 8:33:14 PM)


I summon the power of The Metal Hawk Tap to protect my rabid wombat.
Posted By: NedjimbO_Goblin_Mage (2/13/2011 3:58:30 PM)


This card is older than indestrutible as a key word or before enchantment that enchanted permanents were made auras. So do not mock the name because WoTC made those words do something that they didn't when this was printed.

This is boltbait saver, blocker or blocked killer. As functional in a sense as Giant Growth.
Posted By: tavaritz (5/28/2011 11:06:18 AM)


Functional reprint: Shielded Passage. And this has 1.7x the rating.
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (2/4/2013 12:00:31 PM)


Yeah, no, the dude in the art is totally a Theodore.
Posted By: kajillion (12/7/2010 10:50:19 PM)


\w/ totally rockin' eagle head man \w/
Posted By: jhimbob (12/7/2010 11:53:36 PM)


Ha, I remember this art from when I was little. Even then, I knew badass when I saw it.
Posted By: Polychromatic (3/30/2011 3:14:30 PM)


5 stars just for the hard rockin' falcon man. \m/.
Posted By: thorjy (6/7/2011 6:17:49 PM)


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