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Do mtg collectors read the card before they say it sucks? It is TAP a creature, not SACRIFICE a creature. This is not that hard to use it is basically Ghostly Prison that costs a colored mana more to use. Black is not short on mana acceleration either. Black is the color with the best land destruction and random hand discard. Consider this in an environment that uses Bottomless Pit very effectively. How is this bad? Consider this in a monoblack deck playing Contamination maybe. Be even more diabolical and play Dust Bowl with this which is repeatable non-basic uncounterable land destruction
Posted By: Hovercraft (12/25/2010 12:34:48 PM)


this card saved has saved my life on more than one occasion. sure, its not the greatest, by any means what so ever, but still
Posted By: Styny (1/16/2010 7:35:38 PM)


I don't understand the flavor of this card. Each turn you need to have one of your creatures do something that involves a waterfall to make it more difficult for your opponents to attack you.

I think it's worthwhile. Propaganda and Ghostly Prison are worth more than $3 a piece as uncommons for a reason, and they aren't available in black.
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (3/1/2011 6:05:43 PM)


This used to be one of the black aggro player's answers to The Abyss.
Posted By: Nate_Prawdzik (9/23/2011 9:22:33 AM)


Wanna be that guy with a mono-black control deck? Well, this is right up your alley.

This was kind of like Propaganda's granddaddy. It's an excellent card by Homelands standards, one of the most playable in the set by today's standards. Just tap some weenie chump, no big deal. They're going to have a harder time attacking anyway, and this could even free up some slots for other things that would be used for creature elimination spells if you want to go the control route. Hold them at bay, bank some mana and unleash something nasty on them a few turns later.
Posted By: jfre81 (4/7/2012 2:12:08 AM)


This is still a good card, considering which set it came from, how old it is, and the fact that black has no other card with the same effect.
Posted By: nammertime (12/25/2009 11:18:03 PM)


I think that sometimes people who criticize cards forget to take a look at the whole picture. This is a Black card. Propaganda and Ghostly Prison are cards that have effects related to their colors. Koskun Falls does something that Black doesn't usually do, so it can be useful. I am not saying it is as strong as the previouysly mentioned cards per se, but in its color and the right deck, it is decent.
Posted By: Snoopfrogg (9/7/2010 4:24:53 PM)


Nice card, as nammertime said, and beautiful art.
Posted By: Bulhakas (6/24/2010 7:45:59 PM)


Not terrible if you can make a lot of tokens, which shouldn't be too hard with Grave Titan.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (12/10/2010 8:59:45 AM)


Thats a crappy Version of Propaganda or Ghostly Prison
Posted By: Sveni1980 (6/4/2009 12:36:31 PM)


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