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This works great when you've just casted Quest for Nihil Stone and your opponent has no hands left to discard. :D
Posted By: penatbater (10/9/2010 1:31:57 PM)


Let me remind everyone that drawing then discarding is not mill. Mill goes from the top of your library straight to your graveyard. This effect has way more space to manipulate.

Goes great with spells like Megrim and Underworld Dreams.
Posted By: masonthekiller (11/13/2010 5:25:27 AM)


This is a great response to madness decks, or a nice compliment to discard-if they have no hand and you keep drawing discard, he becomes even more useful. Pity it's not black.
Posted By: blindthrall (12/16/2010 12:51:46 AM)


A sadly overlooked Looter, one of the better of that type of creature for limited and casual. Hopefully the near-moratorium on Cephalids will be lifted one day so this guy gets another chance to shine.
Posted By: stygimoloch (2/2/2009 3:40:37 AM)


Even though this guy is double the CMC of Merfolk Looter, the fact that it lets you see two cards a turn is well worth it.

The existence of Jace's Erasure also improves this card significantly (particularly with multiples) since even though you're milling yourself to draw, you can mill your opponent even faster (not even counting that you get to cherry pick the worst 2 cards to discard, they have to throw whatever they get).

For extra fun, combine with Norritt to draw even more cards.
Posted By: Reverie42 (8/18/2010 4:36:03 PM)


Might see a revival with the new cheap Megrim.
Posted By: nibelheim_valesti (6/20/2010 3:35:04 PM)


Add Megrim or Psychic Possession for increased fun. Or both.
(tough the cost of all of these is kinda high...)
Posted By: skew (6/21/2010 1:19:34 PM)


He's a mill creature that doubles as card drawing. Merfolk Looter is a card drawing creature. Each searves a different purpose.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/17/2010 1:33:20 AM)


Mefolk Looter is better.
Posted By: True_Smog (11/19/2009 9:21:35 AM)


As Masonthekiller said, IT'S NOT MILL. If it was mill, Narcomoeba would throw a tantrum, and Gaea's Blessing would laugh at you. It's Looting. Get it straight. Looting = Draw X, then Discard X. Mill = put X from top into Grave. Besides, it's only remotely similar to mill if they have no cards. And if they have no cards, you've either already won, or you've already lost. There is no middle ground here, folks. It's not mill.
Posted By: Ratoly (1/26/2011 11:00:38 PM)


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