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I just built a beast of a bear combo deck with this.
I use Runeclaw Bear, Grizzly Bear, Werebear, and Ashcoat bear to lull the opponent into a false sense of security. Then comes Altar of Dementia, likely confusing the opponent. I play this card, then I can sac each bear four times.
Then I play Caller of the claw, which I can also sac four times... and get TONS of bear tokens. Muahahaha.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/16/2010 11:15:27 AM)


Mortuary to have undying creatures...and spammable EtB/Sacrifice effects.
Posted By: Keino (7/11/2011 4:31:16 PM)


It combos with Elvish Soultiller for infinite graveyard recursion, or Barishi for just lots of it.
Posted By: syrazemyla (3/27/2011 6:34:22 PM)



Doesn't work with Wheel of Sun and Moon, because if the creature doesn't go to the graveyard, then Verdant Succession doesn't trigger.

Also, this could work with non-green creatures if you use color-changing effects to turn them green, so the Eldrazi/Relentless Rats plan is ok. Just include Shifting Sky or Painter's Servant. It's a lot more work though.
Posted By: Etsap (7/29/2011 2:13:55 PM)


A long shot combo but you can use Verdant Succession, Gamekeeper, Elvish Soultiller, Riftsweeper, and a sacrifice outlet to put every creature in your deck in play. And it is a lot easier because three of those are elves which means good use of Wirewood Herald could put them all into your hand.

Verdant Succession, Gamekeeper, Elvish Soultiller, and sac outlet in play. Sacrifice Gamekeeper to trigger playing first creature from library and then trigger Verdant Succession. Then cast Riftsweeper to shuffle 1st Gamekeeper back in. Repeat until the last Riftsweeper is in play and then sac Soultiller to put all the Riftsweepers back in. Eventually you should have nearly the whole deck in play.
Posted By: pumaman83 (12/21/2011 12:50:26 PM)


Combos with worldspine wurm and a sac outlet. I saw a guy use it in a savra edh deck and it was brutal.
Posted By: demidracolich (10/29/2012 10:40:18 AM)


With Stalking Vengeance and this in play, cast one of your Force of Savagery.
Posted By: Belz_ (4/12/2010 6:13:07 PM)


Progenitus is now immune to anything that doesn't exile him, eh? Try sending him to the graveyard and he just goes to the library, and thus back to the field with this. That's kind of amusing.
Posted By: EternalLurker (1/22/2010 8:03:20 PM)


ok Relentless Rats are black... NOT green.
eldrazis are colorless... NOT green.
AND Progenitus does actually go to the graveyard and would not trigger the verdant succession.
Oddly enough the bear deck is the best idea here.
Posted By: Guest1844820763 (2/12/2011 11:57:47 AM)


Interesting. Obviously powerful with sac-effects. But it could also be fun to use Wheel of Sun and Moon in order to gain Infinite sac to what ever effect you please.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (3/26/2011 4:39:31 PM)