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“Damn it! All my trophies are falling off of my trophy-shelf again! Now I’m gonna have to spend all day on top of the giant emerald putting them back. FML.”
Posted By: Reliquium (3/26/2012 1:01:05 PM)


Looks like Taysir.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (3/15/2011 11:13:15 AM)


Every mono-green EDH deck needs to run this.
Posted By: adinsx3 (2/4/2011 7:44:03 PM)


In a green deck it s a perfect defence to multicolored cards .
Posted By: MojoVince (4/18/2010 5:26:10 AM)


Or prevent your opponent from countering spells or playing any combat tricks. Great multiplayer card.
Posted By: themicronaut (6/16/2009 2:23:33 AM)


Playing a mono blue counter deck and someone played this... Taught me a valuable lesson ... Bring enchantment removal ... ALWAYS
Posted By: __Silence__ (1/13/2011 7:01:47 AM)


Here is a card that any green mage should definately take note of. Factoring the card is from the Mirage set, a lot of newer players will easily miss it, shame... That aside, this card is equally as good, if not better then a blood moon in legacy formats. As other players have already mentioned, it completely hoses multi color (gold) spells, drastically slows any non-mono deck, and not to mention prevents most counter magic unlike blood moon. Clearly it will not stop Force of Will or Daze, but any blue counter spell that needs mana tapped becomes obsolete during your turn. Even if you choose to run a few multi color spells, green can easily go around the effect with Birds of Paradise, or a Noble Hierarch. The downside of not being your turn and rendering your lands useless may have a moderate impact depending on how many instants your deck may be running, but chances are you ha... (see all)
Posted By: Internet_decks_lame (3/16/2011 9:55:19 AM)


double-green is quite impractical for an effect like that since you can't effectively use it as color fixer unless you rely on green spells for that...it's useful if you want to prevent players from playing non-hybrid multicolored spells, though.
Posted By: Mode (9/10/2009 6:30:36 PM)


In edh, if it comes out 2nd turn, the usual response is for people using multicolor decks is to sweep.
Posted By: Guest281600268 (9/28/2010 2:57:00 AM)


Green, the color with highest # of non-land mana makers, can shut down other players while play their own multi-color scheme much easier.
Posted By: Cyberium (12/29/2010 5:10:56 PM)


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