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Lifegain is bad when it is inefficient and/or impractical. This is reasonably cheap, splashable and instant speed, but most importantly scaling. Gets some extra value out of combat tricks (say, Bloodrush) and works nicely with evolve too.
It may be just lifegain, but at least it's somewhat clever lifegain.
Posted By: IncoherentEssay (1/23/2013 10:45:13 AM)


When I saw this card, it reminded me of the days when I introduced some friends to magic back at the Rise of the Eldrazi expansion....this would have blown their minds.
Posted By: Dabok (1/22/2013 4:18:30 PM)


Ageless Entity Then several of these.
Posted By: Professor_Superman (2/1/2013 9:03:31 AM)


Wild Defiance?
At least that way your pumping one of your creatures at the same time.
Posted By: roguepariah (2/14/2013 12:18:37 PM)


First I will enchant my Serra Avatar with Rancor....
Posted By: Twylyght (1/26/2013 9:55:28 PM)


*spits drink everywhere*

2.217?! Are you people mad?!

That landfall lifegain card from zendikar got a lot of love, and this thing will help you explode with just a single chunky creature!

Everyone says lifegain doesn't win games, but when you shove your life back up to a comfortable level with a single 3cmc card your opponent suddenly has a lot to do to get you back down.

EDIT: It's even in the same block as Giant Growth! That means for an added green mana you get an extra 6 life!
Posted By: psychichobo (1/29/2013 3:25:12 PM)


Don't be fooled by the people saying this card is ignore worthy...they just don't want anyone playing it so they won't have to go against it. Face it, someone using this with a 10/10 on the board is gaining 20 life, resetting the game for THREE MANA. This card is gold in G/GR ramp decks and can be the game winning card on many, many occasions.
Posted By: ThundermawJosh (2/17/2013 9:14:37 AM)


my buddy swung for 4/4 today. bloodrushed it with +5/+4 and trample. then played this. hit for 9 then gained 17 life. for like, 5 mana
Posted By: ToAsTy42o (1/27/2013 3:33:06 AM)


It's some pretty efficient lifegain. I mean, it's no Gnaw to the Bone, but it's pretty decent, and can be used in any deck that likes beefy creatures. gaining 10 or so life for 3 at instant speed is pretty much okay. Not great, but okay.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (2/6/2013 8:00:03 PM)


Eh... This is the obligatory "bad lifegain spell for newbs" that every set has. I completely understand why they print it, but I'm not gonna be excited by it.
Posted By: marmaris74 (1/22/2013 5:08:44 PM)


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