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The flavour's great! It's like a carcrash: "Nothing to see here, folks."
The 'nonartifact' part, too - if a golem blows up, it's not grisly. The card isn't amazing but it's nicely designed.
Posted By: Kirbster (1/23/2013 4:17:59 PM)


People flock to a happy gathering as readily as a murder scene, it's instinct to know about the immediate living environment and curiosity as a higher functioning life form, there's nothing sick about it.
Posted By: Cyberium (1/23/2013 12:39:38 PM)


There goes the fourth wall again...
Posted By: novasun (1/22/2013 11:34:37 PM)


How to make mill viable in limited: Stick mill effects onto cards people would play anyway!
Posted By: metalevolence (1/27/2013 11:50:01 AM)


Wait, Juri of the Juri Revue? She's a Rakdos cultist, I believe - I love that it's her who's saying this.

Most Rakdos guild members come across as stark, raving mad on their cards or in their flavour texts - what is fun about murder? That's pretty sick. The fact that this flavour text snippet seems to shine a bit of light on a "rational" part of one of the ringmasters is absolutely a flavour home run as far as I'm concerned.

Juri knows that most Ravnicans see her guild as dangerous and crazy, but she truly believes that the city-plane's civilization is made up of two kinds of people: those who are embracing their "Rakdos side" and those who are restraining themselves.
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (1/24/2013 8:20:26 AM)


This will be great in Limited, as there are very few artifact creatures in Gatecrash
Posted By: Superllama12 (1/22/2013 2:17:50 PM)


It'd be more impressive if this victim's bloodstream wasn't made exclusively of orange soda.
Posted By: infernox10 (1/23/2013 4:01:12 PM)


Another alchemist killed by Scar... will the Amestrian authorities ever catch that madman?!
Posted By: Villainous1 (1/23/2013 9:18:55 AM)


It's a bit costly, but it's creature removal that also mills. Potentially for a lot too, if you use it right. I'd save it for fatties that can trample over or otherwise bypass my Fog Banks.
Posted By: Totema (1/22/2013 7:18:31 PM)


The flavor text for this card really makes you think....
practically proves how sick and twisted we all are as a species in real life.
Posted By: AlphaWolfs (1/22/2013 2:52:36 PM)


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