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This card doesn't seem all that great.
But let's imagine a deck with ONLY GATES ON IT...yeah, very slow and this will come into play at turn 4 (even with Greenside Watcher), but when it's here? Attack at turn 5 with a creature that can potentially be 11/11 !!!
Quite the perspective there eh...
Posted By: Dabok (1/22/2013 3:48:39 PM)


I like the idea of decent mana-lands at common that are slightly worse than rare-competitive-duals. And I love that they've tried to make niche casual cards that actually prefer them. These cards, however, are still just too weak to be interesting outside of limited. The exception being Gatecreeper Vine and possibly Greenside Watcher, both green mana-fixing cards, which casual only needs more of in a color crazy set. For these other non-green cards, it hard to make 'gate' flavor work and also make the card itself exciting to play.

I feel like this card comes close, but falls flat because it asks us to use 'Gate mana' for a stronger buff. We are already incentivized to use 'Gate-mana' because it's our multi-colored mana source, it's why Gates exist in the first place. This card asks casuals to make unfun decisions on a card that's meant to be strictly fun: do I use my multi-colored mana source to play guild spells or do I give my creature +2/+2... (see all)
Posted By: LeafWheels (1/28/2013 11:13:11 AM)


Decks with only gates in them coming to constructed standard- I'm feeling it.
Posted By: Purplerooster (1/23/2013 4:13:39 PM)


compare to nantuko shade. solid uncommon
Posted By: raptorman333 (1/23/2013 10:40:23 AM)


Sweet Shade. Second best gate dependent card in the set; right after Hold the Gates.
Posted By: Flyheight (1/23/2013 12:03:24 PM)


Looming Shade is the common standard, this is stronger in-set.
Posted By: xenohedron (1/25/2013 8:05:37 PM)


Wait a minute, it doesn't say Gate land. Now all we need is a single creature to be printed with the Gate type and then your Avian Changeling can start tapping to pump your shade :P
Posted By: bowlofgumbo (1/30/2013 2:15:38 PM)


I'm surprised no one has mentioned the synergy with way of the thief as an alternative win to a maze's enddeck. Plus it's a shade and who doesn't love a good shade?
Posted By: Guest824392833 (1/19/2014 11:50:55 PM)


A little disappointing compared to some recent shades. You'll need lots of gates to pump and a Hold of the Gates on the field to make sure it survives even a simple pillar of flame. That said if the Dragon's Maze rumours are correct this will be a bomb when the whole set is drafted together.
Posted By: Antny517 (2/1/2013 1:58:30 PM)


This is not at all a bad card. Not at all.

Also, @TimmyForever: You're quite the lovely troll. So subtle :D
Posted By: ThisisSakon (1/22/2013 3:42:33 PM)


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