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I got worms!

I beg your pardon?

That's what we're gonna call it. "I got worms!"
Posted By: sheebishere (6/6/2013 10:50:54 PM)


Dakmor Salvage
Posted By: TheBringer (6/15/2013 12:16:58 AM)


Huh. That's an interesting ability, a bit pricey but could work in a dredge de-


Now that is excellent card design.
Posted By: ProfCharles (6/8/2013 3:09:13 AM)


Yeah, I can see why it got downgraded - though it has excellent potential, it's quite hard to use effectively. Brutal in Dredge and Self-Mill, but still pricey.
Posted By: psychichobo (6/9/2013 3:42:27 PM)


Life from the loam called

It wants it's lands back.
4/5 in the right deck.

Nantuko Cultivator also called, left a message about wurms.
Posted By: blurrymadness (6/10/2013 10:05:11 AM)


This in the same set with Knight of the Reliquary? Evolving Wilds is pretty cool with it, too. It's serious long game here, bro.
Posted By: steinburger1109 (6/21/2013 12:03:25 AM)


Apart from Dredge and the like, one notable off-the-wall way to get lands in your grave in the set is Countryside Crusher. You could mill your lands, beat face, and then once he goes you can unleash ALL TEH WORMS IN TEH WORLD!

Also, Knight Of Reliquary. That is all.
Posted By: Splizer (8/3/2013 5:03:49 PM)


What do you call a worm that ate Mozart?
A decomposer! Hahaha!

I have no friends...
Posted By: Umbric (11/20/2013 7:15:19 AM)


@Arachnos: Actually, it does. Discard a land to retrace this, then cast Harvest Wurm and bring the land back.
Posted By: Continue (11/25/2013 12:18:19 PM)


Does not combo with Harvest Wurm.
Posted By: Arachnos (7/3/2013 4:09:33 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!