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Why is Silence Rare?

Because silence is golden.
Posted By: weathersong (7/10/2013 10:57:46 PM)


If silence is golden, which makes it rare, would duct tape be uncommon?
Posted By: Shadowcaster3975 (7/15/2013 12:50:32 AM)


'Tell me, Mr. Anderson... what good is a phone call... if you're unable to speak?'
Posted By: DeckMechanic (10/8/2013 2:12:10 PM)


Last time we had this card we had manlands in Standard. Come on Theros gimme manlands!
Posted By: lorendorky (7/10/2013 2:06:36 AM)


Or a shock, or, since elite arcanist doesn't have haste, any removal in the game that can kill a 1/1 blue creature.

Oh man, I really hope they make enemy coloured man lands (essentially finishing the cycle from zendikar). So many of my decks want them D:
Posted By: SAUS3 (7/12/2013 11:14:42 AM)



You can't respond to someone tapping lands.
Posted By: OneOneBlueBear (7/27/2013 10:45:01 AM)


An all new ball-game with this card in a Snapcaster standard.
Very tempted, not gonna lie.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/10/2013 4:53:40 AM)


.. + Elite Arcanist = Hope ya have some board presence.
Posted By: Purplerooster (7/9/2013 5:42:17 PM)


Awesome! Glad to see it back!
Posted By: Sonserf369 (7/9/2013 8:12:42 PM)


Trollin' upkeeps since M10
Posted By: Cygore (7/17/2013 8:44:54 AM)


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