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Black's been getting a lot of cool and creative enchantments lately! This, Stab Wound, and Artificer's Hex make me tingly inside.
Posted By: RustyKeyes (9/24/2013 9:10:47 PM)


Excellent meta game card for standard as of late 2013. Destroys or completely makes pointless any number of early game threats considering how many creatures have just one toughness or have most their value tied to their activated ability. Frostburn Weird hosed, Judge's Familiar dead, Master of Waves dead, Lifebane Zombie dead, any god with their devotion level reached not getting to use their activated abilities, Militant Dryad dead, Precinct Captain not very threatening, anything with monstrosity not going monstrous, might not kill that 5/5 wurm token but it makes it so my Reaper of the Wilds can survive blocking it. Truly underrated card.
Posted By: Halira (10/17/2013 10:09:31 AM)


Well, at least disabling activated abilities is new to black, isn't it?
Aside from artifacts like Pithing Needle, that's usually part of blue's and white's color pie.
Posted By: Mode (9/21/2013 5:39:42 PM)


Kiss of Death, is this what you meant?
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (9/17/2013 5:21:53 PM)


Obviously a monstrosity hoser. Might have been better in a color that doesn't have access to kill spells. I could definitely see this as white of blue.
Posted By: DaLucaray (9/17/2013 4:07:23 PM)


Not bad. Common, 1 mana, stops activated abilities.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (9/19/2013 4:25:48 PM)


an incredibly underrated card at only 3/5 stars atm.

This is a great early control card vs weenie creatures, and it shuts down so many awesome activated abilities in standard right now its not even funny.

4/5 for me.
Posted By: MasterBlaster74 (9/28/2013 12:47:11 PM)


This v arkangel? Would this stop her ability?Other wise totally playable card.
Posted By: Darkgod13 (10/25/2013 3:01:33 AM)


This card is effective removal in limited where lots of potential threat start with 1 toughness. Really stops monstrous dead in it's tracks and for only 1 mana it is pretty efficient.
Posted By: Field_Marshal (12/11/2013 9:29:52 AM)


Permanently -1/-1 without activated abilities for one? Effective and easy to play at pretty much any point in the game.

Rules question: If I put this on someone like Darksteel Myr who's indestructible with 1 toughness, would it destroy it?
Posted By: Casimir_the_Great (12/27/2013 11:23:28 AM)


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