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I once lost to a Yoked Ox ordeal deck in Theros draft. I am convinced that this card will provide many similarly embarassing losses to unsuspecting drafters.
Posted By: Taudisban (4/24/2014 7:06:15 PM)


This block has printed a couple of vanilla creatures that are immediately made obsolete within the very same block, e.g. Traveling Philosopher compared to Oreskos Sun Guide, or Yoked Ox compared to this. I hope this trend doesn't continue in the future.
Posted By: Tiggurix (5/8/2014 2:21:15 PM)


It's only been two sets and they've already decided to obsolete Yoked Ox.

I think the printing of Pheres-Band Warchief makes this strictly better.
Posted By: MasterOfCruelties (4/24/2014 3:17:24 PM)


I don't know what I like most about this card.
- That it's another centaur.,
- That it's another WHITE centaur,
- That it's a centaur with heroic!
Wait, who says I have to like just one of these facts?
Posted By: AnnoyingFogGuy (4/25/2014 11:49:45 AM)


Yep, obsoleted Yoked Ox, which was quite a good target for your Ordeals because of it's high toughness early on, it's most likely gonna survive until you sacrifice the enchantment and get your bonus. This does it quite faster.

And yeah, a mono-white centaur. Fancy :)
Posted By: Dabok (4/25/2014 2:05:14 PM)


A strictly better Yoked Ox with a useful heroic trigger seems crazy in limited.

She is also looking excellent with the Ordeals. Sample scenario without disruption:
T1: Starts out as an excellent blocker.
T2: Attacks as 2/6 after casting an Ordeal on it and is sure to survive combat.
T3: You might even cast another Ordeal on it, both go off* and on top of that you'll attack with a 5/8.
     (*Which means you get to choose twice from the following:
        10 life, Lightning Bolt, double Rampant Growth, Divination, or Mind Rot)

Obviously removal would hit you really hard in the nuts (especially on T3 before combat),
but the thought of it working out is still nice.
(You should have one mana left on that turn, so you might use that to cast an instant that protects her
(and gives her yet another +1/+1 ... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (4/25/2014 6:31:09 PM)


Great design.
Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (4/25/2014 7:29:31 PM)


Very underestimated card. 0/4 on T1 means you can bounce most attackers for more than a few turns. But Heroic makes it an aura magnet. Easy to beef up with a lot of toughness means you can usually swing away without worrying about losing it.
Posted By: RedJaron (4/28/2014 2:01:25 PM)


WOAAHhh I hope I'm not crazy for saying that this is super pushed
this makes me want to play white, holy crap
Posted By: Petertracy (4/30/2014 11:21:22 PM)


Some people say that this is strictly better than Pillarfield Ox. Those people are forgetting the inevitable arrival of the Ox lord, which will grant +0/+4 and "Beast" status to all other Oxen you control. There's a rumor that it will have Oxstellation and turn a creature an opponent controls into a vanilla common whenever an Ox enters your side of play, but unlike the rest of this text, that is mere speculation.
Posted By: SpaceMagic (5/8/2014 1:10:04 PM)


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