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It does what it's supposed to. It turns you into a god.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (6/7/2011 10:40:38 PM)


Save a serum vision in your hand to blow past the eventual land blockades.
Posted By: Tetsu_tora (4/12/2011 4:30:08 PM)


this thing is an absolute card advantage MACHINE.
Posted By: Aen3ma (6/13/2011 12:51:05 PM)


My personal favorite combo with this is to have an Etherium Sculptor and Sensei's Divining Top out. The Top costs nothing, and goes back to the top of the library after you draw a card with it. So you have a "Draw as many cards as you want" engine. Have a Reliquary Tower in play for added flair.

I've pulled this off in EDH, the realization from other players is hilarious. "Okay, who let this happen?" is an exact quote.
Posted By: Nucleon (10/28/2011 3:52:53 PM)


Explaining the value of this card to new players is always fun.

"You may play the top card of your library."


"When you play the top card of your library, a new card becomes the top card of your library."


"Effectively, Play a card: draw a card. Sound good to you?"

Posted By: Salient (8/29/2011 8:54:03 PM)


This art is like Labyrinth!
Posted By: justicarphaeton (11/25/2010 10:16:47 PM)


If you don't understand the power of this card, my sensei's divining top should be able to point you in the right direction.
Posted By: roguepariah (6/9/2010 9:25:17 AM)


Play this in a {U}{G} deck with Azusa, Lost but Seeking, tons of mana creatures, and Lightning Greaves. Oh, and Gitaxian Probe. This card essentially becomes {2}{U}{U}{U}: Your turn doesn't finish.
Posted By: SeriesOfTubes (12/25/2012 3:38:13 PM)


It doesn't increase your maximum hand size by one; it increases the number of spells you can play per turn, increases tempo, mana ramp and options. You can play the next card on top, and the next and the next; going through several cards per turn if you can play them all.

Magus of the Future is inferior because as a creature, it is far more susceptible to removal.
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (10/23/2009 11:09:40 PM)


Gotta love a card that basically turns your deck into your hand. 5/5, no joke.
Posted By: Weretarrasque (9/25/2009 1:33:49 AM)


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