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Don't Fling it at an opponent. Then they'll have a Storm Crow.
Posted By: Salient (1/22/2012 8:05:36 PM)


opponent: swing with blight steel colossus i win

me: turn to frog your blight steel, block with storm crow.

really happened
Posted By: spartan7023 (4/3/2013 10:42:42 AM)


Friends, we must forgive Axelle for his ignorance, for he does not understand the glory that is Storm Crow. But he will learn, or he will perish in the crowstorm that is to come.

Ace8792 is clearly one of the Chimney Imp heretics.

Also I petitioned to have the last 4 digits of my SSN changed to 4276 to match the multiverse ID of this card. Still awaiting approval.

5/5 for all versions of Storm Crow.
Posted By: strider24seven (5/29/2013 1:13:06 PM)


Strictly better than the chinese version.
(No, seriously - the chinese portal version doesn't fly!)
Posted By: Nikeyeia (9/9/2010 1:07:33 AM)


Turn 1
- Island -> Blue
- Black Lotus -> BlueBlueBlueBlue -> TWO STORM CROWS
What combo better than this one???
Posted By: Paolino (11/12/2011 9:46:31 AM)


Time Walk dies to Negate. Storm Crow doesn't.
Posted By: dingophone (11/19/2011 12:02:12 AM)


Storm Crow has a sword next its power. Baneslayer Angel doesn't!
Sol Ring can't attack; Storm Crow can.
Storm Crow doesn't die to Krosan Grip like Black Lotus and the Mox.
Storm Crow has flying, Tarmygoyf doesn't!
Storm is OBVIOUSLY the best card in all of Magic. The proof is all there!!
Posted By: Pinsir52 (10/6/2010 7:57:38 PM)


Can you beleive that they actually put this in an intro set? Back in the day Wizards sure did some crazy things. If they reprinted storm crow today you could be sure it would be a mythic and cost upwards of $10.
Posted By: TPmanW (12/11/2011 11:28:43 AM)


Awesome art! I want a wallpaper of it.
Posted By: BaneSlayerKirby (10/28/2010 12:24:49 PM)


oh man....such a broken card. wizards obviously had no idea what they were doing back then.
Posted By: freedomman (8/28/2010 8:53:30 PM)


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